Whole-Home Generator Brand Comparison Guide

A whole-home generator, also called a standby generator, is the best way to ensure that you have consistent, automatic power in the event of an outage. Whole-home generators are permanently installed outside your home by a professional contractor. When the main power goes off, they will automatically kick on to restore your power within seconds. A standby generator can power your whole house for an extended period of time, which prepares you for any storm or disaster that may interrupt your main power supply.

The decision to purchase a whole-home generator is an easy one, but choosing which one to buy…? Well, that’s why you’re here! Read on to learn about the best brands and generators currently on the market.

Leading Whole-Home Generator Brands

Many companies make portable generators, but when you start looking for standby/whole-home generators the field of good brands narrows considerably. We’ve compiled our top 5 brands for whole-home generators. We’re proud to report that they are all American brands, meaning that spare parts and service will cost you less than foreign models.

  • Generac – This company is one of the most popular generator brands in the world. It’s also the number one seller in home standby generators. Known for their innovative designs, affordability, and unmatched customer support, this is a brand you can’t ignore when looking for a whole-home generator.
  • Briggs & Stratton – Briggs & Stratton carries more affordable generators than premium names like Honda or Yamaha. With a wide range of sizes and excellent warranties, Briggs & Stratton generators offer a good balance between price, power, and performance.
  • Kohler – Kohler generators are known for their reliability and durability. Although they boast powerful commercial grade engines, they are renowned for running quietly. The brand is famous for their rigorous quality control process, with each generator undergoing hundreds of tests before being sold.
  • Champion Power Equipment – Although this newer brand is well known for its portable generators, it does produce a few standby generators well worth considering. Already a market leader after just 18 years in business, Champion Power Equipment designs their own engines and has stood out with some innovative ideas.
  • Cummins – Cummins is known for high-quality generators that are durable, efficient, and compact in design. True experts in every aspect of design and manufacture, Cummins has become a world leader in the development of generators. These generators may be more expensive than other brands, but the quality is well worth the extra cost.

Best Whole-Home Generators from Our Favorite Brands

We’ve selected one generator from each of our favorite brands as our top pick among all whole-home generators in distinct categories. These categories reflect considerations that many homeowners have when shopping for a whole-home generator. Take a look to see which generator is best for you!

Best Value: Generac PowerPact 7.5-kW Generator

Currently priced at just $1999.00, this 7500-watt generator packs enough power to keep your essentials going when your main power fails. It’s lightweight, can be installed as close as 18 inches to your home, and is quieter than portable generators.

  • Includes 50-amp automatic transfer switch with 8-circuit load center
  • Steel enclosure and pre-attached composite mounting pad
  • Runs on propane or natural gas

Best Efficiency: Champion Power Equipment 100294 14 kW

This 14,000-watt generator consumes just 2.6 gallons of fuel per hour when working at 100% capacity. It works well for smaller homes and will power most basic appliances. As an added benefit, it is also one of the quietest generators available.

  • Performs weekly self-diagnostic tests
  • Quietest in class
  • Operates between -22o F and 104o F

Best for Extended Operation: Kohler 20RESCL w. Commercial-Grade Engine

This generator’s commercial grade engine is designed to run for days. At 20,000 watts, it’s enough to power an entire medium-sized home, or most of the bigger appliances in a large home. It features online monitoring capabilities and will even send you text reminders for maintenance.

  • Reaches full running mode in 10 seconds
  • Corrosion-proof casing
  • 5-year warranty
  • Less than 5% harmonic distortion to protect sensitive electronics

Best for Large Homes: Briggs & Stratton 76107 25kW

This durable generator packs 25,000 watts, which Briggs & Stratton says will power up to a 19,000-square-foot home with a 5-ton air conditioner. With a dependable liquid-cooled engine, this generator features an advanced power-management system that will prioritize high-demand appliances.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Can be placed as close as 18” to home
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanneal steel enclosure

Best for Quiet Operation: Cummins QuietConnect™ Series

We went with the series for this one, because Cummins makes a line of QuietConnect™ standby generators with varying levels of output. Ranging from 13,000 to 20,000 watts, all of the models in the QuietConnect™ line operate at 65 dB or less – quieter than a central air conditioning unit! All QuietConnect™ models feature Intelligent Load Management, which monitors and controls up to four separate high-voltage loads, making sure not to allow overload.

  • All models run at 65 dB or less
  • Can be placed as close as 18 inches to your home
  • Remote monitoring capabilities via app
  • Operate down to 0o F

Set Up Your Whole-Home Generator Before the Next Storm

Choosing a whole-home generator can be overwhelming, but if you select one from our top 5 brands, you’re guaranteed a reliable product, good customer service, and a lengthy warranty. Whichever standby generator you choose, you’ll need the help of a reliable electrician to install it safely.

If you need to install a whole-home generator in Houston, call the experts at Aaron’s Electrical Service. Our highly trained Houston electricians will install your new generator and calibrate it for optimum performance. With generator installation by Aaron’s Electrical Service, you’ll be able to rest assured that your home will have uninterrupted power, come what may.

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