New Home Electrical Trends

Home electrical options are constantly evolving and simplifying everyday tasks for homeowners. At the same time, many of these emerging technologies help conserve energy. From home automation to convenient outlets, these are some of the latest trends in home electricity.

New Home Electrical Trends

Home Automation — This is the year of the “smart home.” While home automation isn’t entirely new, it is now going mainstream. From turning off lights directly from your smartphone to remotely monitoring your front door, there are systems available to help control and secure your home from a wireless device. Even better yet, you can install and implement most of these systems by yourself. However, you do have to have electricity wired in proper places to take full advantage of many home automation programs.

USB Outlets — Outlets with USB ports are becoming increasingly popular. Nearly everyone has a phone or tablet, and these useful outlets negate the need for an adapter when charging these devices. Free outlets can be hard to find in convenient places. So, instead of unplugging the coffee maker or table lamp to charge your smartphone, simply plug it into the USB port. The lights remain on, coffee can be brewed, and your device remains fully charged.

Outlets in Outside Eaves — Hinge-covered outdoor outlets under the edge of your roof make the holidays a breeze. Instead of running unsightly extension cords down the side of your home, these GFCI-protected and waterproof covered outlets allow you to conveniently plug in holiday lights. These outlets can be controlled by an installed switch, which makes turning your Christmas lights on and off even easier.

Recessed Outlets — Rather than sitting flush with the wall like normal outlets, recessed outlets have a faceplate that sits deeper in the wall. These handy outlets allow furniture to be pushed fully back, without the burden of protruding cords. They are also great for wall-mounted televisions and in small bathrooms where space is key.

Outlets Above the Fireplace Mantle — Take the previous trend and push it even further. Install a recessed outlet above your fireplace mantle for a flat-screen television. The end result will be clean and clutter-free.

Hidden Outlets — Electrical outlets are a necessity, but they certainly don’t add aesthetic value to your home. Luckily, there are now outlets that blend in with tile or pop up out of countertops. Hidden outlets can be placed in kitchen drawers or in storage closets to charge unsightly household items out of view.

Closet Lighting — As closets grow in size and organizational options become seemingly endless, a single overhead light is quite often not enough. Ceiling track lighting and under-shelf lighting ensures that your entire wardrobe remains in clear view.

Wall-Mounted Bedside Lights — Instead of relying on basic table lamps, wall-mounted bedside lamps are becoming the preferable option. They are hardwired to your wall, freeing up your nightstand and giving your bedroom a much cleaner, cord-free look.

As with all home-improvement trends, home electrical trends are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. These are just some of the modern electrical options to keep in mind when building or updating your home.