Summertime Checklist for your Home Electrical

Summer is a great time to enjoy the warmth from the sun. However, you should not forget to have most of your fixtures, fittings and appliances checked to repair problems generated during the colder seasons, enhance your comfort and prepare for the hot summer ahead. Below are some of the electrical appliances and fixtures that should be checked in summer.

The air conditioning

You will use your air conditioning more often during the summer season. To avoid the unpleasant experience when it breaks down during summer, have it checked before the weather gets really hot.

Items to be checked include the refrigerant levels, the wiring system, the duct system and the thermostat. A good working air conditioner not only cools air effectively, but is also energy-efficient and safe to use.


Due to the hot weather, the refrigerator will always be running during the entire summer season, so it’s important to know that it’s working correctly. Have the motor system, evaporator fan and the water inlet inspected for any faults.

The electrical distribution system

The increased use of the air conditioning and other cooling appliances during summer period may cause an overload in the circuit and put the house at a risk of fire. Some common signs that your electrical system isn’t working correctly include circuit breakers tripping, flickering lights, buzzing sounds from the outlets and switchplates that are warm to touch. Have a diagnostic check done on the power-distribution system and the wiring system to ensure that it is fault-free.

Check electrical equipment around ponds, pools and fountains

Extreme cold during the winter months can damage pool and pump equipment; and heavy spring rains may erode the ground soil so much that some underground wiring surfaces on the ground. Check for frayed wiring, surfaced wiring and faulty bulbs.

Check the trees near the utility lines

It is important that trees growing under power lines are kept short enough not to touch the lines. If the trees are tall, ensure that the branches near the lines are properly trimmed. Summer storms may cause the branches to fall on the lines.

Have your electrical systems and fixtures checked and repaired by professional electrical service providers such as Aaron’s Electrical Service. Qualified electrical engineers have the tools and technical knowledge to detect and repair your faulty electrical systems.