Is My House Wiring Too Old?

man in glovers using pliers working with electrical wiresSafe and reliable electricity is vital to running appliances and gadgets in your home. Capable of powering alarms, HVAC systems, computers, and more, the concern is older wiring.

Outdated equipment and electrical systems can cause electrical faults, and correcting these issues can help you safely run electricity to your appliances and devices. Below, we will explore wiring concerns like shocks and fires to keep your home safe!

5 Electric Wiring Issues in Older Homes

If you’re not sure if your home has had an electrical inspection, book a service appointment to err on the side of caution, as electrical systems are designed to last 20 to 30 years.

The average home in Houston was built in the 1990s, but Upton/Samuels Avenue dates back to the late 1890s. While Dallas has a median home age of 41, Kellum-Noble House, the centerpiece in Sam Houston Park, was built in 1847!

Let a licensed and experienced electrician inspect, diagnose, and replace outdated wires while seeking ways to reduce safety hazards.
Here are five electric wiring issues that require attention:

  • The circuit breakers trip often: If the breaker keeps tripping, the electrical board is overloaded. An electrician can update your board to handle more appliances and fixtures. In the interim, disconnect extra gadgets you are not using.
  • A DIY project failed: Addressing an electrical problem yourself might look easy, but to stay up to code and keep your home safe, only trust the experts with network corrections.
  • Flickering or dimming lights: If your lights flicker or dim, we can correct your faulty or exposed wiring and install a dimmer.
  • An electronic device has inadequate power: Grids in pre-war homes accommodated older technologies and cannot support new equipment. Hence, restructuring and replacing the electrical system can help support new gadgets.
  • Wires are old and visibly frayed: Exposed cables can corrode, while rodents can damage wiring, compromise insulation, and start electrical fires. Avoid dangerous DIY repairs, and let us examine and restore your wiring network.

How To Know When Your Wires Need To Be Replaced

Outlets older than 20 years have 100 to 400 amps that do not meet the current electrical safety standards. Your home might also need surge protection, AFCI and GFCI technology, and corrections for uninspected or unpermitted wiring projects. Depending on your needs, you might want to upgrade to LED lighting, smart home wiring, and add ceiling fans or an EV charger.

Rewiring is an investment that can increase safety, efficiency, and property value, yielding a return on investment of up to 66%, based on National Association of Realtors data. Signs you need to update your wiring include:

Lack of Outlets

You have faulty outlets or a lack of nearby outlets. Having nearby outlets is incredibly convenient and easy to add.
Let our electrical team install extra outlets and functional wiring and convert your two-prong receptacle outlets to tamper-resistant three-prongs.

Too Many Extension Cords

While power strips or extension cords are ideal for one or two gadgets, surpassing the load capacity can cause electrical issues. Extension and power strip cords can also fray over time and increase the risk of shock.


Some older Texas homes have knobs and tubes for the electrical wiring in their walls, which are inefficient with modern-day appliances. To prevent fires in your old tubes, schedule an electrical inspection and let our contractors update your network with a modern one!

Whole-Home Rewiring in Houston & Dallas, TX

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