Generac Generators for Your Houston Home or Business

Extended outages have grave consequences on your community, disrupting communications, transportation, and water supply. Their effects on the business world play out in hemorrhaged dollars. A Lloyd’s report found that the costs of a 14-state 24-hour blackout can add up to between $243 billion and $1 trillion over the following five years. A generator will keep your home and business ticking along as usual. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we trust Generac. Their products are veritable workhorses, so they’ve become one of the United States’ most trusted brands. Electricity is behind your most essential survival needs, yet you probably only appreciate it when it’s gone. Let’s find a generator that ensures you never have to appreciate it.

Backing Up Your Home

Generac was the first brand to create a generator for the residential market, so it’s a natural choice for today’s homes. Small units were once too expensive for residential use, so the brand designed the famous OHVI engine — a masterpiece in industrial design. It uses pressure-based lubrication to achieve four times the life span of alternatives. 50HZ backup generators are still some of the finest on the market. Generac’s home product line covers a wide breadth of needs, from whole-home products to basic essentials.

  • Weighing in at a high of 50kVA, 50HZ products include three-phase standby and eight-circuit transfer switches.
  • The Protector Series offers gaseous backup for larger homes and hungry power-users.
  • Generac’s Evolution™ Controller is one of the best on the market, relying on LCD display for management and monitoring.
  • The OHVI engine functions almost silently. Every feature is thoughtfully designed to make repair and usage as easy as possible.

Backing Up Your Business

A mere hour of downtime can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Generac has your back. Its commercial solutions include three-phase generators that achieve a high of 150kWs. The brand’s commercial products do more than just cover your power outages. Designers have chosen every detail thoughtfully, from their weatherproof housing to their color-coded interface. The commercial range is divided into three broad product lines:

The Protector Series

The Protector series rolls off the production line ready for use, with all code-worthy preconfigurations in place. These are some of the most cost-effective backup solutions on the market, but we love them most for their user-friendliness. You don’t need a doctorate to use Generac’s Evolution™ controller. It’s intuitive, color-coded, and multilingual.

  • Every generator passes a stringent noise and fuel efficiency test.
  • Protector generators have double-walled tanks and external vents to reduce overheating.
  • All-weather metal enclosures can endure the toughest weather.
  • Smart Wi-Fi monitoring is available.

The QT Series

QT Series solutions pack extra power into the deal through single- and three-phase outputs. These are monster generators that can manage up to 150kW and a wide range of voltages. Aluminum enclosures can withstand the harshest conditions, even in corrosive coastal areas, so you can finally say goodbye to rust. Each product uses a trilingual Nexus digital controller and passes the famous Generac Quiet Test. Looking for a smart product? Nexus lets you access your generator through Wi-Fi.

50 Hz Power Systems

The renowned 50Hz product line is now available in commercial and industrial generators, including the Guardian three-phase, 20 KVA generator. True Power Technology protects delicate CPUs and appliances through a maximum of 5% total harmonic distortion. The G-Force Engine can take on a world of strain, using a run cooler to prevent overheating.

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we hunt for the finest products on the market today. We’re always proud to repair or install a Generac. It’s a brand that puts integrity first, and so do we. Contact Aaron’s Electrical Service today at 832-791-2935.