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The Woodlands Circuit Breaker Repair, Installation & Replacement

Does your home have problems with flickering lights or tripped breakers? Your circuit breaker shuts itself off to prevent electrical fires and damage to your appliances. If you have an older home in The Woodlands or you’re trying to run too many devices in one room, you might need a new circuit and circuit breaker. 

If you’re experiencing issues for no reason, you probably need circuit breaker repair or replacement. In The Woodlands, you can always call upon Aaron’s Electrical Services to save the day with fast service and professional-quality work.

Call us at (832) 702-4263 or contact us online to request circuit breaker repair or replacement in The Woodlands, TX.

Troubleshoot a Circuit Breaker Problem

You should be able to power all your electronics and appliances without having to use a bunch of extension cords or frequently trip the breaker. Those are fire hazards, so call us for circuit breaker repairs in The Woodlands to be safe and up to code.

Here’s what to look for when troubleshooting circuit breakers:

  • If the breaker trips but you haven’t recently added any appliances to the room, you probably need to call us for circuit breaker replacement in The Woodlands.
  • If you only trip the breaker when running extra appliances, you can add a new circuit or get a service upgrade for more power.
  • If the breaker panel has frayed wires, makes a buzzing sound, or smells like burnt metal or chemicals, you either need some new breakers installed or a new electrical panel installation in The Woodlands.

Circuit Breaker Installation in The Woodlands, TX

Many home and commercial electrical panels have empty slots where our electricians in The Woodlands can install new breakers. This can involve wiring a new circuit and adding more wall outlets, or installing appliance wiring to supply dedicated power to something like a new refrigerator, cooking range, or sump pump.

We can also install a larger electrical panel or add a subpanel. A service upgrade (or “heavy up”) will bring you more total power from the utility. Many homes in The Woodlands were built with only 100-amp service, and many folks these days find they need more power and more circuit breakers installed.

The Woodlands’ Electricians for Circuit Breaker Replacement

Aaron’s Electrical Services guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Our skilled electricians in The Woodlands will work hard to get you powered up safely and quickly. We make same-day appointments and arrive on time!

Whether it’s a broken circuit breaker replacement or a full panel installation, count on us for fair prices and an excellent customer service experience.

Contact Us for Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement

If your circuit breaker trips repeatedly, don’t keep turning it back on and using it. Let our electricians in The Woodlands make the necessary repairs!

Request an estimate online or call (832) 702-4263 to schedule service for circuit breaker replacement in The Woodlands, TX.


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