Commercial Generator Services for Greater Houston

You need a constant, reliable power source to keep your Houston-area business up and running. Mother Nature can disrupt traditional power sources with just one storm. A commercial generator is a way to bring stability to your business.

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we can help keep your commercial generator running correctly. From installation to maintenance, we offer unparalleled service from friendly and courteous electricians. Our licensed professionals will make sure you’re 100% satisfied before they consider the job to be done.

If you need commercial generator service in the Houston area, Katy, or the Woodlands, call Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online today!

Generator Services We Offer

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we understand how important your commercial generator is to your business. That’s why we offer a full range of services to help keep your commercial generator working properly.

Our services include:

  • Installation: We offer expert commercial generator installation so you know your employees and business are safe.
  • Replacement: When it’s time to replace your generator, count on us to help you determine which options suit your business.
  • Repair: If you need commercial generator repair, count on us! We offer 24/7 emergency services and same-day services for non-emergencies.
  • Maintenance: Keep your commercial generator running smoothly for a long time with regular, routine maintenance with one of our skilled professionals.

Talk to Aaron’s Electrical Service professionals if you’re considering adding a commercial generator to your business. They’ll help you determine the best option for your needs and budget.

Transfer Switch & Interlock Kits

Backup generators help when your primary source of power goes down. We can help keep you and your business safer if you have a portable backup generator. Our professional transfer switch or interlock kit installation can help eliminate the need for risky cords or hookups during bad weather.

A transfer switch or interlock kit connects the generator to your electrical panel more safely. Without them, you risk damaging your appliances and even public utility lines! They are also dangerous enough to seriously harm the electricians working to restore power.

Let us help you meet Houston-area safety codes while ensuring your business can function, no matter the weather.

For a transfer switch or interlock kit appointment, call Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online!

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Generator

You can suffer a considerable loss when your business shuts down because you have no power. A commercial generator can help you keep your business up and running year-round. A consistent ability to work is not the only benefit of commercial generator installation.

Other benefits include:

  • Keeping employees and customers comfortable and safe:
  • Protecting your reliability to customers.
  • Supporting your commercial property investment.

To discuss how a commercial generator can help your business, contact us online and talk to a professional at (832) 791-2935!

Brands We Service

Not all commercial generators have the same quality and reliability. We recommend and service generators from Generac and Briggs & Stratton. These companies have shown a commitment to quality and customer service that matches our level of expectation. We want the best for our Houston-area customers!

Generac Generator LogoGenerac: As one of the most trusted brands of generators in the United States, Generac generators are the “workhorses” of residential and commercial generators.

Briggs & Stratton Generator LogoBriggs & Stratton: Known for high-quality small motors, Briggs & Stratton also excels in creating generators that last. Its generators deliver value — and they run quietly!

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Why Choose Us?

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we put our customers first. That means we offer convenient scheduling and affordable pricing. Our goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction on every project, and our friendly and courteous technicians respect and value your family and home.

As the leading commercial generator service provider in the Greater Houston area, trust Aaron’s Electrical Service to help you with all your commercial generator needs.

When you choose Aaron’s Electrical Service, you choose quality, professionalism, and affordability. Call us at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online to schedule your commercial generator service appointment today!


Do you have questions about commercial generators? Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

How long can a commercial generator run before it needs to be refueled?

Standard commercial generators have a 24-hour tank. That means you’ll be able to maintain close-to-normal operations for a full day before you must refuel. Large-capacity generators are also available, including 48- and 72-hour fuel tanks.

How do I choose a commercial generator?

The first step in choosing the right commercial generator for your business is to know the size generator you’ll need. Size is based on the power you’ll need to run routine operations. When estimating how much power your business uses, it’s important to round up. That way, you’ll be ready for upgrades and additions to your business without needing to replace your generator.

What types of fuel does a commercial generator use?

Commercial generators usually use diesel and gasoline because of their lower cost and accessibility. You can find commercial generators that use alternative fuels, like natural gas, propane, and biofuel.