Generators in Bellaire, TX

Power outages can hit Bellaire at any time of year. During the storm, you’ll thank yourself for having a generator installed by Aaron’s Electrical Service. We offer professional wiring and installation of generators in Bellaire that you can count on for vital power when you need it most.

Our electricians can install standby generators for homes and offices in Bellaire, as well as transfer switches for portable generators. Whether you just need to keep the lights on or you want air conditioning and entertainment systems to run, too, we can help you get the best generator in Bellaire for your needs.

To request a generator installation or ask about generator repair and maintenance in Bellaire, please call or contact Aaron’s Electrical Service online.

Benefits of Having a Backup Generator in Bellaire

All over the country, more homeowners and businesses are installing generators as preparation for the next big storm that causes a power outage. In the Bellaire area, we hurricanes and flash flooding are a concern.

Ask a licensed electrician to install a backup generator in Bellaire, and you can enjoy the benefits in many ways:

  • Switch over to generator power automatically
  • Emergency or whole-house power
  • Power for lights and security systems
  • Keep food refrigerated and use electric cooking appliances
  • Run heating or air conditioning to stay comfortable
  • Keep your business open or work from home

Residential and Commercial Generators

A standby or stationary generator in Bellaire provides more power than a portable one. Our Bellaire electricians can help you find a model that will keep you safe and comfortable even during extended power outages that may last several days or more.

Businesses should look into adding a commercial generator in Bellaire to prevent downtime and lost revenue.

Transfer Switches for Portable Generators in Bellaire

The power of a portable generator can be dangerous if not wielded responsibly. They work to keep electricity flowing during power outages and can significantly benefit your home or business. Aaron’s Electrical Service can install a transfer switch, or interlock kit, for your portable generator. Our installation will make it easy and safe to switch to generator power when the power goes out.

Request Service for Generators

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, our licensed and insured electricians can install your choice of generator, including popular brands Kohler and Generac. We perform generator installation in Bellaire up to code and make sure everything is ready to work. Our team also provides generator repairs, testing, and maintenance.

Request an estimate online or call us at (832) 702-4263 to ask about home or commercial generator service in Bellaire.