Standby and Backup Generators in Humble, TX

Are you prepared to handle the next big storm that hits Houston? Install a standby generator in Humble, TX to give your home the power it needs. Aaron’s Electrical Service will set you up with a properly sized backup generator with enough juice to run your lights, refrigerator, or even your whole home.

Standby generators must be installed by licensed electricians in Humble in order to follow the electrical code and prevent major malfunction. Get peace of mind by bringing in the experts from Aaron’s to properly wire your generator to the electrical panel!

For a FREE estimate for installation or repair service, please call (832) 791-2935 or contact us online about standby generators in Humble, TX.

Benefits of Standby Generators for Humble Homes

When the grid goes down, board games and candlelight get old fast. Aaron’s Electrical Service ensures our customers throughout Houston’s northern suburbs have the power they need during storms and utility outages.

Besides keeping the lights on, standby generator installation in Humble, TX makes it easy to get through an outage:

  • Automatic generator power during an outage
  • Keep your freezer and refrigerator running (avoid the grocery store rush!)
  • Run your air conditioning, heating, and sump pump
  • No downtime for your security system
  • Use any necessary medical equipment
  • Work from home or keep your business operating!

Licensed Electricians in Humble for Standby Generators

Adding a generator to your home or office takes the same skill and knowledge required to set up electrical service for the first time—plus experience with standby generator equipment. Aaron’s Electrical Service has highly trained technicians who will provide helpful, neighborly advice and top-notch generator installation in Humble, TX.

We service Kohler, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and other popular brands of standby generator systems. Our generator services in Humble include:

  • Whole-home generator installation
  • Backup generator installation
  • Commercial generator installation
  • Transfer switches and interlock kits for portable generators
  • Generator maintenance, testing, and repair

Generator Maintenance & Repairs in Humble, TX

In addition to keeping your generator fueled up, you should ask a Humble electrician to inspect and maintain your standby generator at least a few times a year. We need to test the batteries, lubricate the motor, clean the filters, and occasionally replace spark plugs and other parts.

If your generator failed a test or you haven’t had it inspected in a while, ask Aaron’s Electrical Service to visit for standby generator maintenance and repair in Humble.

Contact Us for Standby Generator Service in Humble

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Expect courteous and friendly service from our entire team, and a standby generator installation that keeps your Humble home comfortable and your business up and running.

Get a free quote or call (832) 791-2935 to request installation or service for standby generators in Humble, TX.