Generators in Katy, TX

Having a generator installed at your home or business during a storm helps keep the power flowing. Katy homes and businesses can get reliable power and peace of mind by having Aaron’s Electrical Service to install a backup generator for emergencies. We can install all the top brands like Briggs & Statton, Cummins, Generac, and Kohler. Our electricians are also available to respond quickly for generator repairs in Katy.

We recommend installing a generator in Katy for more than just convenience. Power outages can be dangerous, especially during a heat wave. Protect your family or your business with help from our Katy electricians!

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Should Katy Homes Have a Portable Generator or Standby Generator?

Portable generators, or emergency generators, can typically handle emergency power outages successfully. As long as you keep enough fuel on hand, you can use a portable generator in Katy, to power the lights and a few appliances. Ask Aaron’s Electrical Service to add a transfer switch at the breaker panel to safely run your portable generator.

Standby generators are larger appliances that sit on a concrete pad outdoors and use an automatic transfer switch that detects when an outage occurs. Options vary, but you can get a whole-home standby generator or one large enough to power the specific appliances you’ll want to use.

Both portable and standby generators require routine testing, refueling, and maintenance. Aaron’s Electrical Service can keep your equipment in great shape with generator service in Katy, whenever you need us.

Commercial Generators in Katy

Industrial-power generators are available to keep larger offices and businesses up and running during power outages. Commercial generators make a lot of sense for any organization that would lose money or customers if you had to close unexpectedly because of a storm.

Aaron’s Electrical Service is your commercial electrician in Katy with years of experience installing standby generators. We can help you size the equipment by wattage to ensure your building has generator power for lights, security, computers, an HVAC unit, and more.

Generator Installation & Repair

Generators should be installed by a licensed electrician in Katy so that it’s set up to code and maintained. Aaron’s Electrical Service helps with choosing a generator, deciding where to put it, hooking it up to your breaker panel, and performing annual maintenance and emergency repairs.

Our generator services in Katy include:

  • Installing a standby generator
  • Connecting a portable generator with a transfer switch
  • Generator maintenance and testing
  • Filter cleaning or replacement
  • Oil changes and fuel changes
  • Generator troubleshooting


Contact us online or call (832) 791-2935 to get a free estimate for generator installation or repairs in Katy.