Generators in Pearland, TX

Generators provide a consistent power supply that is not interrupted during storms or power outages. In Pearland, Texas, generators help during the occasional hurricane weather and shorter power outages caused by thunderstorms and accidents. Aaron’s Electrical Service helps our customers stay safe and comfortable with generator installation and repairs in Pearland.

If you were without power for days after a hurricane, you know the importance of having a backup generator in Pearland. Our electricians can hook up your portable generator with a transfer switch or install a standby generator to give your Pearland home or office all the power it needs.

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Choosing a Generator in Pearland

The first step to finding the best generator in Pearland is “sizing” your needs based on wattage. This can be tricky, but Aaron’s Electrical Service can help. We’ll consider the power demand for lights, refrigerators, and other constantly running appliances as well as the power needed to use the oven, garage door, and other appliances.

When choosing a generator for equipment in your home that runs on a motor, double the wattage requirements. This will ensure you have enough power to start the machine up and keep it going effectively.

Standby Generator Installation in Pearland

Standby generators remain fixed in place, preferably on flat concrete a few feet away from the home. A licensed Pearland electrician installs the generator and will connect the wiring to your breaker panel.

Aaron’s Electrical Service has experience installing Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and other trusted brands of generators. Our Pearland customers get the best value for their investment because we can ensure your generator will turn on automatically during an outage and supply the power you expect! With us, you and your family will never be left uncomfortable during a power outage.

Ask a Pearland Electrician to Install a Portable Generator Transfer Switch

While portable generators have outlets available to plug devices directly into them, this is not the most effective way to use them as a backup power source. Our Pearland electricians can add an interlock kit that connects your portable generator to the circuit breakers for safety and convenience. With a portable generator transfer switch, you have the ability to power your important household circuits including your well pump and furnace fan.

Request Service for Generators in Pearland

We offer routine generator maintenance to keep you prepared, as well as professional repairs and installation of generators in Pearland. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we are fully licensed and insured, and we perform all work up to the latest electrical codes. Our quality electrical services will help keep your home’s electrical system in top shape throughout the entire year.

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