GFCI Outlets in Pearland, Texas

Noticed that you don’t have a ground fault interrupter outlet in the kitchen? Tired of a broken GFCI that trips constantly? Let Aaron’s Electrical Service replace or install new GFCI outlets in your Pearland home to stay safe and pass your next home inspection with flying colors.

We provide electrical work for home improvements like GFCI outlet installation in Pearland with speedy service and guaranteed quality. We are licensed and insured, and our Pearland electricians know how to ensure you have the proper GFCI protection required by the National Electrical Code.

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Why Do I Need GFCI Outlets in Pearland?

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) detects when a ground fault occurs. That means the hot wire has contacted the ground wire or junction box, often because the wire insulation has frayed. The big danger is that any water present can send some of the stray electricity to you. Even a little shock can be very painful!

The codes that require GFCI protection are designed for your safety, to prevent electrocution and shock injuries. The NEC has required some GFCI outlets since 1971 and more areas have been added to the list over the years.

What Are the GFCI Outlet Rules in Pearland?

Pearland follows the NEC code for ground fault circuit interrupters. In a nutshell, any receptacle in an area with plumbing or located outdoors needs GFCI protection. This includes:

  • Kitchen outlets near a sink or counter
  • All bathroom outlets
  • Laundry area outlets
  • Wet bar outlets
  • Outdoor outlets (including swimming pool areas)
  • Garage outlets

You may only need one or two outlets with GFCI in each area because a protected outlet covers itself and any other outlets further down the circuit. We can install GFCI outlets in Pearland homes or replace regular outlets with GFCI outlets.

Pearland Electricians for GFCI Breaker Installation

Instead of using a GFCI outlet, you can add protection to the circuit breaker. This can be beneficial when you need protection on every outlet in a room, especially if one of the outlets is somewhat hard to reach. We can install GFCI breakers in Pearland so you can simply head to the electrical panel to reset after a trip.

GFCI Installation in Pearland, TX

To get the safety you expect, ask a licensed electrician in Pearland to install a GFCI outlet or breaker and make sure you have protection everywhere the code requires.

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