Electrical Inspections in Houston, TX

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Most homeowners don’t spend much time considering the state of their electrical system, but it’s crucial to ensure the wiring is up to code at all times. With all the new gadgets and appliances available on the market, it’s common for homeowners to approach or exceed capacity without even knowing it, leading to unnecessary hazards that can endanger the building’s inhabitants.

When you need your home’s electrical system inspected in the Greater Houston, TX, area, call Aaron’s Electrical Service at 832-791-2935 or contact us online. We’ll send a skilled technician to evaluate your home’s condition and make any repairs necessary to get you back up to code.

What Gets Checked During Electrical Inspections?

During an electrical inspection, the inspector’s job is to ensure the building meets the minimum requirements of the National Electrical Code and is free of hazards that could cause shock, electrocution, or fire. The inspection includes:

  • Checking the meter to ensure secure installation and freedom from rust or defects.
  • Searching for unprotected, damaged, or frayed wires.
  • Ensuring the correct type of wire is in use.
  • Checking the electrical panel for proper-sized breakers, proper load-bearing, and any damage or corrosion.
  • Ensuring junction boxes are accessible, visible, and properly covered.
  • Checking that ground fault circuit interrupters are working correctly.
  • Testing outlets for safety and secure switch plates.
  • Checking wiring for proper grounding.

Common Code Corrections After Inspections

Some of the more common corrections needed after an electrical inspection, especially when conducted in an older home, include:

It’s critical that any code violations in your Houston, TX, home repaired as quickly as possible. Any identified violation represents another hazard that can put you and your home in danger, so call Aaron’s Electrical Service at 832-791-2935 or contact us online for the repairs you need.

How Often Should You Get Electrical Inspections?

The National Electrical Code receives an update every three years. We review the changes and make note of any updates that are relevant to homeowners like you. Because of scheduled updates and all that can go wrong with your current wiring in that time frame, we recommend scheduling an electrical inspection to coincide with the release of NEC updates.

Why Choose Aaron’s Electrical Service?

Our neighbors in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and beyond have looked to Aaron’s Electrical Service for their electrical needs since 2013. With same-day service, emergency service, and courteous technicians that will put a smile on your face, we offer the best experience in the business.

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