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open cable box on wood tableAaron’s Electrical Service is your trusted electrical expert serving Richmond, TX. Our skilled technicians are known for their courtesy and friendliness and are committed to top-notch service.

With our range of specialized services and coupons, we get the job done right the first time for the right price.

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Emergency Electrical Repairs

Power outages and issues like sparking or overheating outlets and lights can disrupt your daily life and pose significant safety risks. Such problems demand prompt, expert attention to mitigate hazards and restore normalcy.

That’s why Aaron’s Electrical Service provides 24/7 emergency support, ensuring you’re never left to face these challenges alone. With us on your side, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing immediate help is always a call away.


Specializing in both residential and commercial generator solutions, Aaron’s Electrical Service is your go-to source. We install Generac generators, renowned for their exceptional reliability and performance. Whether you’re a business needing a sturdy power backup or a homeowner looking for reliability, we can meet your needs. We handle both generator repairs and installations that you can count on.

Commercial Electrical

Look no further than Aaron’s Electrical Service for reliable commercial electrical solutions. Specializing in services that ensure safety and reliability, we’re your go-to partner for anything from repairs to installations.

  • Commercial repairs: Minimize business interruptions with our quick and efficient electrical repairs.
  • Commercial installation: Get electrical installations tailored to your unique business needs.
  • EV charger installation: Equip your business for the future with our top-notch EV charger solutions.
  • Security lighting: Keep your commercial space well-lit and secure with our cutting-edge outdoor and security lighting options.

Call 832-791-2935 to schedule commercial electrical services for your Richmond, TX, business.

Residential Electrical

For comprehensive residential electrical solutions, trust Aaron’s Electrical Service. We aim to make your home both safer and more efficient with our range of services.

  • Wiring: Tackle anything from basic to complex electrical wiring with our expert guidance for optimal safety and performance.
  • Lighting: Brighten your living spaces with tailored lighting options, including indoor and outdoor setups.
  • Attic Fans: Lower your energy bills and extend your roof’s life span with our efficient attic fan solutions.
  • Breaker Panels: Optimize your home’s electrical functionality by repairing or upgrading your breaker panels with us.
  • Ceiling Fans: Our professional ceiling fan installations offer better air circulation and comfort.

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s electrical system? Call 832-791-2935 to schedule your electrical service.

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Count on Aaron’s Electrical Service for many benefits, including our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and timely service sets us apart. We offer same-day services for emergencies or planned installations, so you never have to wait for essential electrical work. Experience the unparalleled quality and value we bring to every project.

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