Generator Transfer Switch/Interlock Kit Installation in Houston

A backup generator is a great option to have when a power outage occurs in the Houston area, but if you have to set up the generator manually, run cords, and monitor power usage yourself, it can also be somewhat inconvenient or even dangerous during inclement weather. A transfer switch or interlock kit can make using your generator safer, easier, and more convenient.

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we install transfer switches and interlock kits for standby generators, backup generators, and portable generators. Whether you would like to power your entire building or just a few important circuits, our experts can recommend the best kit for your needs and budget. We serve customers throughout the Houston area, including The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood. From residential and commercial electrical services to generator installations, interlock switches for generators, and more, our team can help with all your electrical needs in the Houston area.

Why Add an Interlock Kit or Transfer Switch?

The primary purpose of both an interlock kit and a generator transfer switch is to disconnect your home from the utility grid before powering it with a generator. This avoids damage to the generator and connected devices when power is restored, plus it eliminates the chance that your generator can backfeed the utility system, potentially harming workers who are trying to restore power.

An interlock kit uses a simple metal plate to prevent the main breaker or the generator’s supply breaker from turning on while the other is active. During a power outage, the homeowner would turn off the main breaker and all branch circuits, then slide the interlock plate away from the generator’s breaker, allowing it to be turned on. Branch circuits could then be turned on individually, being careful not to exceed the generator’s output capacity.

A transfer switch reroutes important circuits to a secondary service panel, where a transfer switch can disconnect from utility power before connecting those circuits to the generator. Transfer switches can be manual or automatic, and they can power a few select circuits or an entire home.

man installing transfer switch to generator

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Interlock & Transfer Switch Installation in the Houston Area

When you need a safe, reliable interlock or transfer switch installation, choose our proven team at Aaron’s Electrical Service. We feature experienced, licensed electricians eager to help with all your electrical needs. Our comprehensive installation process for interlock kits and transfer switches includes:

Interlock Kits:

  • Installing a power input box and breaker
  • Installing the interlock plate
  • Testing interlock operation

Transfer Switch:

  • Installing the power input box and transfer switch
  • Rerouting important circuits to the transfer switch
  • Wiring and testing the system

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Why Choose Aaron’s Electrical Service for Interlock Installations?

To be safe and reliable, a generator interlock or transfer switch must be installed by a professional electrician. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we feature exceptional services at fair prices, and our company offers:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to install a generator transfer switch or interlock kit?

Yes, because electrical work is involved, a permit will be required.

Can you run a generator without a transfer switch or interlock kit?

Yes, but you will need to plug in appliances and other devices manually using extension cords.

Are generator interlock kits safe?

Yes, because they physically block the main breaker and prevent it from powering the home while the generator breaker is on.

How do I know what size breaker I need for a generator interlock kit?

It will depend on the output capacity of your generator. A 30-amp breaker can handle up to 8,500 watts of power, while a 50-amp breaker can handle 15,000.