Energy-Saving Tips for Spring

With the cooler months falling behind us, soon we’ll be enjoying longer days and pleasant evenings. But with the spring season coming to Houston, there is one drawback that needs to be addressed: those increased energy costs! Stick with the professional electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Services while we detail a few excellent tips for how to save energy in the springtime.

Electrical Maintenance Tips for Less Energy Waste

Some ways to save energy are exceptionally low-cost or only require a small investment and a bit of your time, such as:

  • Utilizing sunlight – During the winter and fall seasons, we grow accustomed to keeping windows closed and shuttered, relying solely on electric lighting to keep our homes bright. The spring is the perfect time to give your lights a rest and rely on the sun for free, mood-boosting lighting!
  • Opening your windows – Letting in fresh air is great for dispelling musty winter house smells, and it will also provide enough ventilation so that you can hold off on kicking the AC on.
  • Scheduling AC maintenance service – Before it starts getting really warm, be sure to have your air conditioning equipment serviced by an HVAC contractor. Routine AC tune-ups keep your system running more reliably and drastically reduce the amount of time the system has to run in order to do its job. This translates to tons of energy savings throughout the spring and summer.
  • Setting ceiling fans correctly – Setting your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise will direct airflow downward, creating a cooling breeze that lets you set your cooling system higher while remaining totally comfortable.

Home Electrical Upgrades

There are also plenty of ways to streamline energy use in your home for long-term energy savings and comfort:

  • Upgrade to LED lights – Now is the ideal opportunity to upgrade to LED landscape lights and indoor light fixtures. LEDs use one-tenth of the wattage of traditional bulbs, they last longer, and they produce little to no heat, which helps to further minimize the cooling burden of your AC system.
  • Consider an attic fan installation – Ventilating attic fans are a must in areas where attic spaces can reach up to 120 degrees or more. With a good fan system installed, you reduce the amount of heat that builds in your home, lessening stress on your cooling systems and making it easier to maintain your home comfort in one easy install.
  • Install a programmable thermostat – The spring is often the most enjoyable season Houston experiences. However, as we begin to edge closer to the summer, you’ll start struggling with turning your thermostat up and down in accordance with our shifting weather. A programmable thermostat can not only do this for you, but it can also do the task more accurately and efficiently, ultimately saving on energy use. The better models can even learn your preferences and streamline AC use accordingly, adding further energy savings.

Residential Electrical Services in Katy and Houston, TX

Armed with these energy-saving tips, you’re ready to enjoy the spring! It’s all about minimizing use without compromising on your comfort. If you’re interested in electrical upgrades that help you save energy, or if your home needs electrical work done this spring, call on Aaron’s! Our electricians are trained, certified, and highly experienced when it comes to helping homeowners make their space more energy-efficient.

Call today by dialing 832-791-2935, or contact Aaron’s Electrical Services online to find out more about how to save energy!