Attic Fan Installation & Repair in Houston

Do you need attic fan services in Houston? Our team can install attic fans in your home and business quickly and effectively. We’ll help identify the proper size and placement of attic fans so that the air circulates smoothly and evenly throughout your home. This helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Equally important, it reduces strain on your HVAC systems, which will help prolong the operational lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner.

When you need attic fan installation, repair, or other electrical services in Houston, trust the team at Aaron’s Electrical Service. We offer comprehensive electrical services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Houston area.

The Advantages of an Attic Fan in Houston

In addition to keeping you cool and comfortable, attic fans offer several benefits to homeowners in Houston. They help keep the attic cool and dry by keeping the air circulating. They are highly effective at preventing moisture buildup within the attic, which helps limit mold growth and preserve insulation.

Preventing moisture with an attic fan also helps minimize the risk of pest infestations and wood rot. This is crucial in the humid Houston environment, where moisture buildup in the attic is a common cause of roof damage and the subsequent need for expensive roof replacements.

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Increase Energy Efficiency with Attic Fans

During the summer months, attics in the Houston area can reach temperatures of 150 degrees or higher. This poses a significant threat to your health and the safety of your home. Moreover, it can cause your cooling bills to quite literally go through the roof.

An attic fan helps draw cool air into the attic and regulate the temperature within the home during the summer. In the cooler months, the direction of the blades can be reversed so that the warm air that collects in the attic can be recirculated throughout the home. It’s an inexpensive investment that can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Attic Fan Repairs in Houston

Attic fans can suffer the same problems as other types of ceiling fans. These include blown motors, frayed wiring or broken thermostats. In some cases, the damage can cause the fan to trip circuit breakers. Other problems include insufficient airflow, rattling, shaking, and other problems that result in inefficient operation. Our team of experienced electricians can quickly identify these problems and conduct the necessary repairs.

Schedule Attic Fan Services in Houston

Whether you need attic fan installation or repair for your attic fan, the team at Aaron’s Electrical Service can handle it. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 service, our electricians can handle any electrical need you have.

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