5 Tips for Electrical Safety in the Winter

Winter’s icy grip has descended on the region, and it’s imperative that homeowners and business owners actively protect their systems from damage. To that end, the following are five tips for winter electrical safety that can protect your property and your personnel from harm.

Steer Clear of Space Heaters

Many companies advise keeping space heaters at least four feet away from furniture, draperies, clothes, etc. They will also recommend against plugging them into extension cords. However, the reality is that space heaters are inherently dangerous, even with strict precautions. Thus, the best way to avoid the risk of fire or electrocution is to avoid using them altogether.

Maintain Your Generator

Most commercial and residential standby and backup generators don’t fail because they are poor-quality systems; they fail because they are not properly maintained and serviced. Regular generator maintenance is essential for keeping generators, transfer switches, etc., in proper working order. Residential generators should be serviced at least once per year, and commercial systems should be maintained per applicable regulatory standards, which may mean monthly service appointments for some industries. Your generator should always be serviced by a qualified technician with the skills and expertise required to calibrate the system and properly diagnose and repair any deficiencies.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Don’t plug in more lights, decorations, heating systems, etc., than your outlet and breakers can support. Piggybacking extra appliances or extension cords onto an outlet can cause an overload that will cause the circuit to overheat. This can easily melt the insulation and ignite a fire when this happens. If your lights are flickering, you hear buzzing noises, see scorch marks, or notice you have sluggish/underpowered electronics, it’s a sign that your outlet is overloaded. You should promptly remove the load and schedule a service appointment with a certified electrician to inspect your wiring for damage.

Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection

Outdated fuse boxes, faulty electrical panels, and damaged wiring cause most residential and commercial electrical fires. The best way to ensure these don’t spark a fire in your home or business is to schedule a safety inspection to verify that your wiring, panels, fixtures, and other electrical components are in good condition and capable of providing safe and reliable operation. Before your inspection, it’s advisable to note any problems you’re having with your systems, as these can alert the electrician to potential problems lurking behind your walls.

Decorate With Caution

Homes and businesses throughout Texas are often brightly lit to celebrate the season. However, before you put up the tree, plug in the lights, and inflate the landscape decorations, it’s advisable to thoroughly inspect your decorations for damage. Ensure wires aren’t frayed, extension cords are in good condition, motors are adequately lubricated and humming along, and lightbulbs are not flickering, dimmed, or overheating. Further, when decorating, ensure that you wear proper footwear and clothing and that any ladders you climb up are appropriately maintained and securely positioned on solid ground before making your ascent. It’s also advisable to put your decorations on timers so that you can shut them off to conserve energy and prevent system failures after everyone’s gone to sleep.

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