Lighting Fixture Installation & Repair Services

Professional Electrical Services in Houston & Spring, TX

Lighting upgrades can have a significant impact when remodeling because the proper illumination makes a big difference in the atmosphere of your home or business. Cloudy days and late-night entertaining are no problem with a beautifully designed, properly installed lighting system! Whether you’re looking for an entirely new lighting installation on your Houston, Texas, property or just a simple lighting repair, Aaron’s Electrical Service is the professional electrical company to call!

Our expert lighting electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service provide indoor and outdoor light fixture installation, replacement, and repairs in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties. Our team shows up on time, works quickly, and cleans up after the job is done. Our skilled, licensed electricians know how to wire and repair light fixtures in homes and offices for reliable power without the humming noise or flickering that can arise with amateur installation.

Call Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online to request service for quality indoor/outdoor light fixture installation, replacement, and repair services in the Houston area.

Light Fixture Repair & Rewiring in Bunker Hill Village

Do your lights flicker or hum? Is there a wall switch in your home that does not control the overhead lights or ceiling fan? These are signs of miswiring or damage to your light fixtures. Aaron’s Electrical Service is available to troubleshoot and repair your ceiling lights and overhead light fixtures in the Houston area. Our team of skilled electricians can efficiently repair and rewire your light fixtures and test them for proper functionality, so you get bright, efficient lighting without any headaches.

For commercial lighting repairs in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties, trust Aaron’s Electrical Service. Call our electricians at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online.

Light Fixture Installation in Houston & Spring, TX

Many homes lack overhead lighting or have only a single overhead light in each living space. Having substantial and aesthetic lighting is essential in the functionality and design of your Houston-area home or business. Today’s design trends include recessed lighting, accent lights, track lights, and brand-new LED light fixtures to create eye-pleasing illumination and a better atmosphere.

We can achieve your interior lighting installation goals at Aaron’s Electrical Service. We provide clean and quality light fixture installations with minimal wall openings at affordable prices. Our experts will work with you to meet your lighting installation needs for your Houston-area home or office.

Outdoor Lighting & Security Lighting in Houston & The Woodlands

Exterior light fixtures can showcase your garden or landscaping and act as a security feature. Aaron’s Electrical Service professionals will install outdoor lighting in the Houston area, as well as motion sensors, security cameras, or any other outdoor wiring you need.

We offer residential and commercial outdoor lighting repair services, including:

Houston Electricians for Lighting Installations & Repairs

Aaron’s Electrical Service can cover all your lighting installation needs if you’re interested in kitchen track lights, a new chandelier, or a high-tech outdoor lighting system. We can provide proper wiring that is up to code with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Call Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online to schedule service.

Light Fixture Service Area

Our certified electricians serve clients throughout Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery County. Each team member is a highly trained electrician capable of performing comprehensive outdoor lighting services. We can install, repair, and help maintain a broad range of fixtures for various needs. It is our pleasure to help you enjoy the comfort, safety, and security you desire.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer your call. When lights flicker and fail, we will quickly identify the cause of the problem and apply the necessary solution. We guarantee you’ll appreciate our commitment to customer service and our dedication to delivering superior quality workmanship no matter how small or complex the task is!

Contact Aaron’s Electrical Services at (832) 791-2935 to schedule fast and reliable electrical services in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Light Fixtures

What makes a good light fixture?

A suitable light fixture should fit your space adequately and provides sufficient light. Your light fixture should be appropriately sized according to the room’s dimensions. To figure this out, add the dimensions of your room together and then convert that number to inches. This number of inches should match the diameter of your light fixture. For example, if your room is 12 feet by 12 feet, your light fixture should be 24 inches in diameter.

What are ceiling light fixtures called?

Light fixtures that are hidden in the ceiling are usually called recessed lights. They may also be called “can lights” or downlights. They spread light into a space without physically being part of the space.

How tall should parking lot light poles be for proper illumination?

Light poles should be of sufficient height to properly disperse light without too much dissipation. Ideally, this means between 15 to 20 feet high for most light pole installations. Equally important as height is the type of bulb. You will want a bulb that will deliver an illumination level of between 1- to 5-foot candles to ensure sufficient illumination for safe passage through the parking lot. Anything higher is blinding, and anything lower is simply insufficient to illuminate the area.

Should I layer outdoor lighting?

Absolutely! Creating layered lighting on the exterior of your home and around your landscape will enhance the aesthetic of your property and create additional security. Up-lighting, down-lighting, and cross-lighting will help illuminate pathways and entryways and create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. To achieve your desired lighting effect, our certified electricians can install:

  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights
  • Up/Downlights
  • Step lights
  • Walkway lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Globes
  • Accent Lights
  • String lights
  • And more!

Should I install walkway lighting?

Walkway lighting effectively reduces slips, trips, and falls after dusk. It also helps to deter burglars. This makes walkway lighting a cost-effective investment in security and safety.