Aluminum Wiring

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Aluminum wiring can be perfectly safe—until it isn’t. Most often found in homes built in the 1960s and ‘70s, it’s possible for any home to have aluminum wiring in some or all of the house. Problems can range from dead circuits to a destructive house fire, so it’s critical that you replace aluminum wiring in your Houston home as soon as possible.

Aaron’s Electrical Service has your solution for aluminum wiring. We’ll perform an inspection to determine if you need to completely rewire the home or upgrade the connections to prevent serious problems.

Is Aluminum Wiring Really Dangerous?

If your home has enjoyed stable electrical power for decades, you may be wondering if aluminum wiring really poses a risk. The bottom line is that aluminum wiring is inferior to copper wiring. Aluminum has only ever been used because it’s cheaper.

The deficiencies of aluminum wiring relate to the fact that aluminum overheats and oxidizes—two problems that get worse over time. In other words, you may not have experienced any issues yet, but you will eventually.

Overheating wires can cause sparks, ruin wire insulation, and loosen connections. Oxidized aluminum acts an insulator, not a conductor, so it can also cut off power to your outlets.

Most importantly, aluminum wiring accounts for perhaps thousands of house fires every year. It’s a danger to you, undesirable to home buyers, and makes it hard to obtain insurance.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Houston

Hundreds of thousands of homes were built with aluminum wiring in Houston when it was considered safe. Aaron’s Electrical Service has helped many homeowners with safe, cost-effective means of replacing aluminum wiring so they can enjoy peace of mind and less hassle with insurance and inspections in the future.

The process of aluminum wiring replacement can be difficult, but our Houston electricians know how to remove the old stuff and add new copper wiring with little disruption to your walls.

We provide:

  • A professional inspection for aluminum wiring
  • Honest advice for leaving aluminum alone, upgrading connectors, or full rewiring
  • Upfront pricing for repair or replacement options
  • Work performed by licensed, insured electricians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Houston Electricians for Aluminum Wiring Retrofit & Replacement

Aaron’s Electrical Service can save the day with an aluminum wiring inspection and any repair, retrofit, or replacement services that your Houston home needs.

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