Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement in Houston, TX


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Circuit breakers act as an automatic shut-off for dangerous electrical problems, such as overloaded circuits and short circuits. Although breakers trip intentionally to warn you of a problem, it’s also possible for a circuit breaker to trip without any clear reason. If you have mysteriously tripping breakers or the breaker switch looks cracked, melted, or broken, call our licensed electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service immediately for circuit breaker replacement or repair in the Houston area.

Aaron’s Electrical Service offers free estimates and same-day appointments. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all electrical circuit breaker repair, replacement, and installation services by our licensed, bonded Houston residential and commercial electricians.

How To Tell if You Need To Replace a Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Replacement in Houston, TX

If you are unsure whether you need a new circuit breaker, take a few simple steps to determine the best action:

  • Turn off and unplug all appliances on the breaker’s circuit
  • Flip the breaker firmly off and back on
  • Plug in one small appliance and turn it on to see if the breaker trips

If the breaker trips while barely running any load, you almost definitely have a short circuit or another wiring problem. If the breaker does not trip until you’ve plugged in several appliances, you may be overloading the circuit. In this case, you should consider adding dedicated appliance circuits for big-ticket items or other electrical upgrades.

Rather than handling the difficult job on your own, rely on Aaron’s Electrical Service to assist you with your circuit breaker replacement. Contact us online or call us at (832) 791-2935 for your circuit breaker assistance in the Houston, TX, area.

Circuit Breaker Replacement and Repair in Houston

It’s fairly common for circuit breakers to need repair or replacement in their lifetime, and that’s why Aaron’s Electrical Service offers circuit breaker replacement and repair in the Houston area. All of our circuit breaker services get your breakers up to the latest National Electrical Code regulations and ensure that your circuit breaker or breaker box is safe to use for years to come.

Make an appointment with Aaron’s Electrical Service if you need any of the following services:

  • Upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers
  • Add AFCI or GFCI circuit breakers
  • Replace a broken breaker
  • Replace a scorched or melted breaker switch
  • Replace a breaker that feels hot
  • Stop an electrical panel from making hissing or humming noises
  • Correct electrical code violations
  • Fix an electrical panel that is unorganized or damaged

If your circuit breaker needs replacing in the Woodlands, Katy, Cypress & Kingwood, call Aaron’s Electrical Service today at (832) 791-2935 or contact us online.

Circuit Breaker & Breaker Box Repair & Replacement

Successfully replacing a circuit breaker or a breaker box requires a skilled and experienced professional. Aaron’s Electrical Service has the trained electricians you can trust for residential and commercial breaker replacement in the Spring or Houston, TX, area.

We offer free estimates, convenient appointment times, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can expect nothing short of top-quality work and a smoothly functioning breaker panel when we’re through.

If a wiring or breaker panel problem might be posing a danger, please call us immediately to schedule an appointment or for emergency electrical repairs in Montgomery or Harris County, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breakers & Fuses

Are breakers or fuses safer?

A circuit breaker is a safer option than a fuse. Circuit breakers have additional protections, like ground-fault circuit interrupters, that help ensure they function correctly. If not properly sized for the home’s needs, fuses can overload early or allow too much power through so that they melt.

What do fuses and breakers do?

Fuses and circuit breakers protect you from problems due to excessive current running through the wiring. This can cause a severe safety issue in your home, even melting the wiring. These are vital safety features of your electrical system, so make sure they operate correctly.

Why does my breaker keep tripping?

Tripping can be due to a short circuit, overload, or ground fault. Overloading is the most common cause. It happens when your circuit is trying to draw more power than it can manage, so the first step to a repair is detaching your fixtures and turning them back on systematically. If that doesn’t identify the offending appliance, it’s best to call the professionals.

How do I tell if I need a circuit breaker?

Tripping breakers protect you from serious electrical hazards, so most homes rely on them. Older homes often use fuses instead, but that doesn’t mean these two technologies are interchangeable. Fuses are inexpensive and easy to replace, but overloads can cause explosions. Circuit breakers don’t melt or explode, so they’re the safest alternative. Breaker boxes need replacement every 25 years.

Can I replace my circuit breaker myself?

A breaker replacement requires you to work with disconnected wires. That’s dangerous work for an unlicensed homeowner because it can lead to electrocution and fires. The U.S. only allows unlicensed DIYers to perform minor electrical tasks. Complex work like a breaker replacement requires a permit.