GFCI Outlet Service in the Houston & Dallas Area

Bathrooms have required ground fault circuit interrupter outlets for decades. You really should have GFCI outlets or breakers serving any area of your home that’s near water. Texas goes by the National Electrical Code, which specifically requires GFCI protection in kitchens, unfinished basements, laundry areas, and other places where short circuits and shock injuries could otherwise occur.

Aaron’s Electrical Service can get you up to speed before your next electrical inspection. Our friendly, licensed electricians will replace standard outlets with GFCI outlets, add brand-new GFCI outlets where you need them, and ensure a safe electrical system for your home or business.

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What Is a GFCI Outlet?

These are the electrical outlets with test/reset buttons and usually a little light to show that it’s working. The device senses when a ground fault occurs, meaning electricity is flowing somewhere it shouldn’t, and interrupts power to the outlet.

A famous example of why you need GFCIs would be getting shocked by a wet hair dryer in an unprotected outlet. A GFCI outlet shuts the power down in a microsecond, so you can solve the problem and then hit reset to power back up.

Why GFCI Outlets Are Important

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are powerful anti-electrocution tools. They sense a shock the moment it happens and cut your power before you can sustain a significant injury. They’ve been a legal necessity in bathrooms, unfinished basements, and laundry zones in all states that fall under the National Electrical Code. Any space that’s exposed to water should have one of these outlets.

Circuit breakers are designed to cut your power in the event of a fault, but GFCIs relate uniquely to water. The former are woefully inept in rooms where electricity is used around water, so it’s best to combine both technologies. Unlike ordinary circuit breakers, GFCI breakers can offer total protection of every outlet. For that reason, NEC law demands that they be installed 6 feet from water on all outdoor and bathroom outlets.

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Which Rooms Need GFCI Outlets?

With a few exceptions, you need GFCI outlets in Houston homes, condos, and apartments in these areas:

  • Sink with running waterAll bathroom outlets
  • All kitchen outlets within 6 feet of a sink
  • All laundry room outlets within 6 feet of a sink
  • Garages and sheds that have not been converted to living areas
  • Virtually all outdoor outlets

Belowground rooms that are not finished living areas also need GFCI protection, so if you happen to have a storm shelter or basement storage area, we’ll cover you there, too.

Businesses and industrial buildings need GFCI protection as well. Our commercial electricians can perform those installations to get you up to code.

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What To Expect From the Installation Process

An electrician replacing an electrical outlet.

Your electrical team will usually use a GFCI breaker box to accommodate all the GFCI outlets in your home, but you might not need both. Outlets will then be added to the areas required to meet your local electrical codes. Our crew will match the voltage and amperage ratings of your existing circuits to ensure that every breaker can be correctly wired.

GFCI Outlets vs. GFCI Breakers

You can use either GFCI outlets or breakers, or both. Code requires GFCI protection, whichever way you want it. A GFCI breaker protects all outlets and switches on the given circuit. A protected outlet can only shut off its own power and any branches further down the line.

If you only need to replace or add a few outlets, you probably want GFCI outlets. If you need to protect most or all outlets, we can discuss whether a GFCI breaker would be more convenient and cost-effective.

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