Lighting Retrofits in Houston

The times are constantly changing, and that means there are always ways you can improve your home or business to make it more energy-efficient. Retrofitting your lighting—or replacing existing lighting components with energy-efficient ones—can help you save money and provide greater comfort within your home or business. A lighting retrofit can help reduce operating costs, helps you conserve energy, and reduces your impact on the environment.

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, our electricians are highly qualified and are trained in the most up-to-date technologies in the electrical industry. We have extensive experience upgrading properties throughout the Houston area so that business owners can enjoy the convenience, reliability, and savings of retrofitting the lighting systems on their property.

Benefits of Retrofitting Your Lighting

Retrofitting your lighting system can help you realize significant energy savings. Upgrading your lighting reduces your overall energy use. This helps you save money on your monthly utility bills, and it also adds real value to your home that can increase the property’s resale value down the road.

A complete retrofit can reduce your monthly energy bills by as much as 70%. On average, business owners can receive a full return on their investment within just two years. These savings multiply as the years go by and property owners can enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and low maintenance costs.

Retrofitting your lighting can also improve light quality within your business or home. In addition to increasing your comfort, this can increase productivity, enhance relaxation, increase safety, and improve security. This makes it a cost-effective investment that pays significant dividends for decades to come.

Incentives for Lighting Retrofits

There are many programs available that help offset the cost of retrofitting your property. These include both state and federal rebate programs that are designed to make retrofitting easier and more affordable for homeowners and business owners in Houston.

For more information about state and federal programs that you may qualify for, contact Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935. Our electricians will help you identify the most efficient and cost-effective methods for retrofitting your property.   

Contact Aaron’s Electrical Service for Lighting Retrofits

We strive to ensure that every client receives the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. To that end, our electricians thoroughly inspect each property to identify the most efficient methods for replacing wiring, installing new fixtures, and streamlining the lighting systems within our client’s homes and businesses. We work closely with each client to ensure that the finished results and the final cost are precisely what our clients expect.

Contact Aaron’s Electrical Service at (832) 791-2935 for more information about retrofitting the lighting in your home or business. Our electricians will help you identify the best solutions to meet your needs.