Surge Protection Service in Houston, TX

Surge Protection Installation in the Houston, TX Area

Did you know that power surges happen inside the home? When large appliances like the air conditioner or dishwasher start up, they send a small surge back into your electrical system. Surges can also enter the home from phone and cable lines. In other words, you need home surge protection in Houston from more than just lightning and electrical grid problems.

A whole-house surge protector covers all of your wiring and appliances, and the protection lasts infinitely longer than any plug-in strip. Imagine the fortune you can save by not having to replace your laptop or widescreen TV after the next surge.

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Reasons To Install a Whole-House Surge Protector for Your Houston Home

Those power strips with surge protection offer a small fraction of the safety that a whole-home device can provide. Surge strips have a sacrificial metal strip that absorbs the shock until it wears out — which happens quickly.

Power strips also only protect the devices plugged into them. A whole-house surge protector covers everything in the home, whether the surge was generated from the outside or from inside the home.

Electronic devices like TVs and computers aren’t the only things that can be damaged by surges, either. Modern kitchen appliances, security systems, thermostats, and anything else with a circuit board will be susceptible to surge damage. Add up the replacement cost for all of those devices, and that’s what you can save with a whole-home surge protector!

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Where Do Power Surges Come From?

While you may be thinking of lightning strikes or utility power grid malfunctions, the reality is that power surges actually happen frequently, and the majority of them originate in your own home. Typically, small surges are caused by high-draw appliances kicking on. The older your home’s wiring or control panel, the more common these are. HVAC systems, electric water heaters, hair dryers, microwaves, and many other appliances chew up a lot of power. When they first cycle on, they can generate enough draw to create a small power surge.

In an ill-equipped home, this can mean death by a thousand cuts for your electrical equipment. The most valuable thing about a whole-home surge protector is that it prevents the potential damage caused by these small, frequent surges, as well as larger surges.

Signs You Need Surge Protection in Houston, TX

If any of the following applies to you, we recommend installing a surge protection system as soon as possible!

  • You live in an older or historic home – Older homes can be a joy to remodel and renovate, but one of the largest issues that need addressing in these homes is the outdated wiring and electrical infrastructure. These homes weren’t built with smart home technology, computers, tablets, OLED televisions, or even dimming lights in mind.
  • You utilize sensitive electrical devices – Modern computerized devices and smart home technologies incorporate chipsets and other components that can be fried by even a relatively small power surge.
  • You experience electrical-related hiccups – If you deal with breaker trips, flickering lights, or other common electrical issues, we strongly recommend installing a home surge protection system. You might also consider other electrical upgrades, such as a heavy up and home rewiring!

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FAQs About Whole-Home Surge Protection

Have a question about surge protection systems? Our local Houston electricians have answers. Check our list below to see if we have you covered here. If not, be sure to give us a call!

Do I Really Need a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

Though there’s no electrical code or law requiring them for homes, the fact is that home surge protectors are cost-efficient and last a long time. Overall, the small investment can be expected to pay you back substantially, even if the protector were to prevent even one harmful surge throughout its life span. It’s likely to prevent dozens, if not hundreds!

What Are the Best Surge Protectors?

There are many high-quality protectors on the market today. More importantly, you need your protector to match your home’s unique needs. Each home uses electricity differently and in different amounts. It’s critical that your protector be sized and installed according to your needs in order to provide adequate protection.

Where Are Surge Protectors Installed?

Standard home surge protectors are typically installed alongside or within your breaker box (control panel). Some other models can be installed outdoors along an exterior wall, though these are less common.

Do Surge Protectors Completely Prevent Surges Caused by Lighting?

They do, up to a point. When lightning strikes ground, it will travel along the path of least resistance in order to expend itself quickly. Any electrical systems that are connected to your main power line before the control panel may still be at risk and thus may need individual surge protection measures in place to be totally secure.

Home Surge Protection in Houston, TX

Installing a whole-house surge protector is simple enough that Aaron’s licensed electricians in Houston can do the job in a matter of minutes. However, it’s a delicate and dangerous task that you should never try to DIY.

We’ll need to shut off all power to the house for a brief period of time. The surge protection device mounts on the wall near your breaker panel and connects to it at one of the breaker slots. That’s about all there is to do, but it requires professional-quality wiring to make sure you get the surge protection working correctly.

Upgrade Your Houston Home’s Surge Protection

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we do the job right the first time. We offer same-day appointments, and our licensed Houston electricians show up with all the right parts and tools to install your home surge protector in one visit.

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