Electrical Panel Installation in Houston, TX

two electricians working on an electrical panelAn electrical panel, also known as a breaker panel, is a necessity in your Houston-area home. If you need a licensed electrician to repair, replace, or install an electrical panel, turn to the friendly professionals at Aaron’s Electrical Service. We are well-seasoned residential electricians and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and quality work. With the professionally trained team at Aaron’s Electrical Service, you can expect a perfectly functioning electrical panel that will power your home effectively.

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Top-Rated Electrical Panel Replacement

If your Houston home’s lights are flickering or there are signs of a tripped breaker, you may need a new electrical panel installed. Either you don’t have enough power coming from the utility, or the wires and infrastructure have been damaged. The experienced electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service can assess the situation and find a solution that will prevent you from worrying about any electrical issues in your home.

Contact Aaron’s Electrical Service if your home shows any of the following signs indicating you need breaker replacement:

  • The panel feels hot or looks burnt or melted
  • The breakers and wires look disorganized or damaged
  • You need to add more circuits, but the panel has no free slots
  • Your home is out of date and has 60-amp electrical service when 100+ is normal in modern electrical panels
  • You regularly experience breaker trips when using everyday appliances

Expert Breaker Panel Upgrades

If you can’t plug in your hair dryer or another commonly used appliance without tripping the breaker, your home does not have enough power. To resolve this issue, speak with a professional technician at Aaron’s Electrical Service to upgrade your breaker panel in your Houston home.

Electrical or breaker panel upgrades can prevent serious injuries or house fires. It’s also an opportunity to add more circuits or perform a “heavy-up” service upgrade. We can install a breaker panel in any new home or home addition in the greater Houston area. Additionally, we can add a subpanel to a garage, workshop, or swimming pool area to provide your home with increased electrical power.

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Our Upgrade Services

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we’re happy to help upgrade energy management in your home through a panel upgrade, also known as a main panel upgrade, circuit breaker upgrade, electrical panel upgrade, etc.

By replacing the wiring, breakers, and (if present) fuses of your system with a modern combination of breakers and wiring, you gain the benefits of modern energy management and safety solutions in your home. It’s also an opportunity to run additional circuits without worrying about capacity.

If you’re ready to learn more about having Aaron’s Electrical Service upgrade your panel, contact us online or call 832-791-2935 for service anywhere in the Greater Houston area.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Panel(s)

Even if you’re not faced with a situation where you must upgrade due to a broken electrical panel or safety hazard, there are a wealth of benefits to upgrading any electrical panels in your home past a certain age:

  • Improved electrical safety
  • Support for high-draw appliances
  • Separate circuits for safety, reliability, and control
  • Improved energy efficiency for lower bills
  • Consistent power without flickering or tripped breakers

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading electrical panels, contact the team at Aaron’s Electrical Service online or call 832-791-2935 to discuss options for a home in the Kingwood area.

Electrical Panel & Breaker Panel Services

The electrician you choose matters a great deal when it comes to breaker panel services. The main power will have to be shut off for some time, so you’ll want a skilled electrician who serves Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties and can complete the job quickly and safely!

Aaron’s Electrical Service is your trusted team for breaker panel replacements, repairs, or upgrades in Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and the greater Houston area. We provide:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day service
  • Licensed, insured electricians in the Houston area
  • Experience with complete breaker panel installation, repair, and replacement
  • Free estimates

If you have faulty wiring, a scorched panel, or any signs of electrical trouble, don’t hesitate to call Aaron’s Electrical Service. We are available 24/7 and will go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

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How often should you update your electrical panel?

Electrical panels don’t have to be replaced too often, with most professionals recommending you replace them somewhere between 25 and 40 years. However, you might need an upgrade sooner than that if you make additions to your home, if you have problems with your existing panel, if you need higher-powered appliances that your current panel can’t support, etc. Modern upgrades can also be worth it to save money on energy if you have a particularly inefficient design compared to the latest options or as a safety precaution if your panel is poorly installed or features outdated or hazardous design elements.

Is an electrical panel upgrade tax deductible?

There are many federal and state-level tax credits and deductions available to mitigate the cost of an electrical panel, including energy-efficiency credits at the federal level covering as much as 30% of the cost of the upgrade, labor included, up to a limit of $600, because homes with modern electrical panels require less electricity for the same results due to reduced energy waste and inefficiencies.