Phone Cabling & Wiring Service in the Houston Metro Area

When you need telephone wiring for your home or business in the Houston area, you’ll get the exceptional service from Aaron’s Electrical Service. Our company puts you first, offering affordable phone cabling and wiring backed by responsive, customer-focused service. You can count on the licensed electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service for phone cabling and telephone jack wiring, and you can count on our team to get the job done right the first time!

When you need reliable phone wiring at your home or office, contact the friendly, licensed electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service in Houston, at 832-791-2935.

What are the Wires in a Phone Line?

Phone line wiring consists of red and green, as well as yellow and black, telephone wire types, arranged in twisted pairs. The typical household often has a 4-strand, copper wire system, which can carry two phone service lines. We can also install 6-strand or higher systems to allow you more phone or fax lines. These phone wires connect with modular phone plugs, jacks and a network interface (the surge protector or junction box) to run your wired phone system.

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Signs It’s Time for Telephone Jack Wiring Services

A lot can happen to your phone lines over time! If you see these telltale signs, you may need our phone line wiring services:

  • Rodent-gnawed wiring: Especially in older homes and buildings, rodents (and even insects) can damage telephone wires. If you notice tiny tooth marks on shredded phone wires or gnawed outer wire insulation, you may need new phone wiring installed.
  • Lightning strikes and power surges: Thunderstorms in Houston can bring severe lightening, which can cause electrical surges that fry your phone wiring. If your connections are not as clear and reliable as they were before, or you can no longer make/receive landline calls, your phone wiring may have suffered this kind of damage.
  • Short circuit: This occurs when two bare wires touch, creating a busy condition that appears like you’re on the phone (to the phone service provider). Thus you’re prevented from making/receiving calls.
  • Open circuit: A loosened or broken wire that doesn’t allow calls to go through.
  • Reversed wires: Poor installation can leave you with crossed wires.
  • Old phone wiring: Your wiring may be outdated for your current needs or may have been installed incorrectly (see reversed wires, above).

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Wiring for Appliances, Electronics and GFCI Outlets in Metro Houston, TX

As licensed electricians, our team also provides appliance wiring for electronic devices like TVs, computers, and more, at your home or commercial location. We also install protective GFCi outlets (ground-fault circuit interrupters or fast circuit breakers), commonly used in bathrooms to plug in high-energy items like your portable hairdryer, shaver, electric toothbrush and more. GFCIs are also used in commercial applications to prevent electrical shock or electrocution.

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Where to Get Houston Telephone Wiring and Phone Jack Installation for Home or Business

Whether you need new telephone wiring for your Houston business, phone wiring repair, or modular jacks installed at your home or business, you can count on Aaron’s Electrical Service. We are available 24/7 and provide same-day emergency electrical services, offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we are experts at designing and installing wiring to support your residential or commercial landline phone wiring needs. Contact us online or call 832-791-2935 today.