Trusted Electrician in Pasadena, TX

Residential house natural gas backup generator. Choosing a location for house standby generator.Electricity is vital to your life, so trust experts when you need repairs, replacements, or maintenance. Aaron’s Electrical Service offers residential and commercial electrical services in Pasadena, TX. We can take on the biggest or smallest projects with ease. Trust us to get your electrical installations working as they should.


Emergency Electrical

Electrical problems can cause danger for you and your home. Make sure to contact an expert when you’re experiencing an electrical emergency. You may need immediate help if:

  • Your outlet or switches are sparking
  • Your electric panel is buzzing loudly
  • You smell a burning odor coming from your electronics

Never handle an electrical emergency on your own. Call 832-791-2935 to discuss your situation with Aaron’s Electrical Service.

Dependable Residential Electrical

Electricity is a significant part of your day-to-day life. Make sure your home’s system is working properly and safely. Turn to Aaron’s Electrical Service when you need:

Make sure the electrical system at your home is working well. Contact Aaron’s Electrical Service online or call 832-791-2935 to schedule residential services.

Top-Rated Commercial Electrical

Business property owners need proper electrical systems in place to do their work. If any part of the system goes down, it could spell disaster for the workday. Count on Aaron’s Electrical Service for commercial electrical installations, repairs, or maintenance. We offer:

For expert commercial electrical services in Pasadena, TX, turn to Aaron’s Electrical Service. Contact us online or call 832-791-2935.

Reliable Generators

Electricity can go out at any time. Do you have a backup plan to power up your essential systems like your HVAC or refrigerator? If not, it’s time to install a generator.

Generators come in various sizes and power levels to fully power small and large homes or business establishments. Aaron’s Electrical Service can install, repair, or maintain a generator on your property.

Add a generator to your property and enjoy peace of mind that you’ll always have the power you need. Call 832-791-2935 today or contact us online to schedule generator services in Pasadena, TX.

Why Choose Aaron’s Electrical Service?

open cable box on wood tableWe pride ourselves on offering the best electrical services throughout the Pasadena, TX, region. Our friendly and courteous technicians work hard to make every customer feel comfortable. You can trust us to respect your space, resolve electrical problems, and handle most projects on a single visit. Look to us for expert electrical work, special deals, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Schedule electrical services in Pasadena, TX, by calling us at 832-791-2935 or contacting us online.


Is a whole-home generator worth it?

Whole-home generators can be an excellent investment if you experience regular power outages. They can also be a good option if you need consistent refrigeration at all times, such as when medications must always be kept cold, no matter what.

Is exposed wiring an electrical emergency?

Exposed wires can be a severe electrical emergency. If the wires have electricity running to them, they could spark easily and cause a fire. Call us if you see exposed wires in your home.