Top-Rated Electrical Service in College Station, TX

man using flashlight to view panelIf you need electrical services in the College Station area, turn to the professionals at Aaron’s Electrical Service for reliable, honest service from experienced electricians.

Whether you need assistance getting your commercial property code compliant or want to change the placement of outlets and switches in your home, the electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service will gladly assist.

Take advantage of our deals and discounts for opportunities to save even more on electrical upkeep.

Call Aaron’s Electrical Service at 832-791-2935 and schedule electrical services for a residential or commercial property in College Station, TX.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Not every electrical problem can wait for normal hours — for those situations where a delay is untenable, Aaron’s Electrical Service offers 24/7 emergency service. When you find your electrical panel or an outlet smoking or your wall is hot with an overheating electrical wire, call the Aaron’s team and we’ll have someone on the way shortly. Keeping your home or business safe, productive, and protected doesn’t have to wait until business hours.

Residential Electrical

If you need residential electrical services, contact Aaron’s Electrical Service and get a reliable, effective electrician headed to your home. We handle every project with our full expertise and care:

  • Wiring: Relocate switches and outlets, replace ancient wiring with something newer and safer, resolve code compliance issues, and add ceiling fans and circuits for high-draw appliances with our help.
  • Lighting: Great lighting indoors and out can transform a home, adding new ways to use spaces and improving safety and security. We also handle repairs.
  • Breaker panels: Breaker panels can be the root cause of countless issues, a limitation on your power usage, and an impediment to using high-power appliances. We’ll find the right upgrade and get your wiring up to par.

Call Aaron’s Electrical Service at 832-791-2935 to request residential electrical services in College Station.

Commercial Electrical

When your business needs an electrician for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance, choose Aaron’s Electrical Service. We offer code-complaint, safe, effective, fast commercial electrical services so your business can run with minimal disruption and risk:

  • Electrical repair: We understand the importance of getting the lights back on and the outlets safe again when something goes wrong with your business’s electricity. We’ll resolve your issues as fast as possible and minimize your downtime.
  • Electrical installation: Need new outlets, appliances, lighting, or switches installed? Our team will handle it with as little disruption to your operations as possible.
  • EV charger installation: EV chargers are a great addition to any property, whether as an option for employees or guests of your business.


A generator can offer exceptional peace of mind to a homeowner or business owner, allowing lights to stay on, food to stay cool, servers to stay live, and machinery for work or health to stay operations. Whatever you want your power on for when the block goes dark, a Generac generator from Aaron’s Electrical Service can maintain your electricity with minimal effort or upkeep from you. We’re happy to help set you up with an appropriate generator and keep it operating at peak reliability and efficiency in the years ahead.

Contact the Aaron’s Electrical Service team at 832-791-2935 to book generator services for your home or business in College Station, TX.

Why Choose Us?

Whether your College Station home or business needs more outlets for appliances and equipment, better switch and light placement for safety and productivity, or help with an overheating electrical panel that keeps tripping breakers, you should always make Aaron’s Electrical Service your first choice.

With our steadfast commitment to superior results and great customer service, our commercial and residential customers can always expect 100% satisfaction when they choose Aaron’s.

Call Aaron’s Electrical Service at 832-791-2935 to schedule residential or commercial electrical services in College Station.