Electrical Contractor in The Woodlands, TX

open cable box on wood tableYour home or business depends on a steady, reliable electrical system for many essential activities. Don’t trust the work to just anyone

when it comes to electrical service.

The friendly, courteous technicians at Aaron’s Electrical Service provide customers with superior workmanship and outstanding customer service throughout The Woodlands and surrounding areas. When we work with our clients, both residential and commercial, they get the respect they deserve with every call.

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24/7 Emergency Service

When electrical emergencies happen, they rarely follow a convenient schedule. Our highly skilled electricians can handle every type of electrical emergency, commercial or residential, from smoking panels to power outages and everything in between.

Residential Electrical

We rely on electricity at home for lights, entertainment, computing, laundry, cleaning, and many other things. The pros at Aarons Electrical Service know residential electrical systems inside and out and can handle any electrical issue that comes their way. Our home electrical services include:

  • Wiring: Whether it’s switches, dimmers, underground wiring, GFCI outlets, or something else, our pros can handle all your home wiring needs.
  • Lighting: We offer installation, maintenance, and repair for both indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Breaker panels: Also known as the electrical panel and breaker box, the breaker panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It’s a critical component that deserves professional attention and respect when service is needed.
  • EV chargers: So many consumers are switching to electric vehicles these days. We can install a home EV charger quickly and efficiently to make charging an electric vehicle as cost-effective and convenient as possible.
  • And more

Get answers to your residential electrical service questions from the experts at Aaron’s Electrical Service. In The Woodlands area, call 832-791-2935.

Commercial Electrical

With a spotty electrical system, could your business survive? You can trust the electrical experts at Aaron’s Electrical Service for efficient, high-quality service that will keep your business running smoothly. Our commercial electrical services include:

  • Appliance wiring: If you need wiring support for commercial freezers, industrial ovens, or any other significant appliance, we’ve got you covered.
  • Outdoor and security lighting: From parking lot safety to landscape lighting, our electricians have the right lighting solution for you.
  • Breaker panels: You need service you can trust when it comes to breaker panels. Our electricians have extensive experience with commercial breaker panels.
  • GFCI outlets
  • And more


When the power goes out in your area, a good generator offers you the security of knowing you have reliable power. We offer standby/whole-home generator services, including installation and repair.

Call 832-791-2935 to schedule generator services with Aaron’s Electrical Service in The Woodlands area.

Why Choose Us?

Aaron’s Electrical Service is The Woodlands’ go-to commercial and residential electrical service provider. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, especially with our same-day and 24/7 emergency services. Our technicians are exceptionally professional, friendly, and courteous with every interaction.

Call 832-791-2935 in The Woodlands area to book electrical services with the pros at Aaron’s Electrical Service.