Electrical Installation & Repair in Bellaire, TX

two electricians working on an electrical panelFor homeowners and business owners in Bellaire, TX, having a working electrical system is a must. Aaron’s Electrical Service has a team of licensed, professional electricians who can handle any task you throw at them. From complex electrical repairs to installing a new light fixture, we have the residential and commercial electrical services you need. With 24/7 emergency service and same-day service for most needs, you can get help fast. All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can confidently book electrical help.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Some electrical problems simply can’t wait. If you have a power outage that’s not due to your electricity provider, or if you have smoking panels or outlets, you need immediate help. We offer 24/7 electrical repair, so you can get an emergency electrical repair when needed. We aim to help you protect your home or commercial property with electrical services when needed. We offer both commercial emergency electrical repair and residential service.


Residential Electrical

Homes have a large demand for functional electrical services. We offer a wide range of residential electrical help, including:

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Commercial Electrical

In addition to residential services, we offer commercial electrical services. These include:

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A generator can give you peace of mind that you’ll have reliable power even if the power goes out. We install and repair standby and whole-home generators, which are good options depending on your needs. If you want reliable power, no matter the situation, then a generator is the right choice.

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Why Choose Us?

Aaron’s Electrical Service is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers in Bellaire. We offer quality electrical work whenever you need it and guarantee we will show up at your scheduled time. Our trained, insured electricians drive fully equipped vans and will treat your home with courtesy.

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Why is my breaker panel smoking?

A smoking circuit breaker means that the wires and insulation inside the system are overheated. This is an electrical emergency, and you need to shut off the main power and call an electrician for help. Failing to do so puts your property at risk for a fire.

What kind of generator do I need for my business?

Standby generators switch on automatically if the power goes out. This is the best option for commercial properties because businesses can’t afford power outages. The generator will need to be properly sized for the building’s size and electrical demand, which requires the help of an electrician.