Expert Electrician in Kingwood, TX

If your home or business in Kingwood suffers from electrical problems, needs routine maintenance to keep everything safe and reliable, or needs significant upgrades or additions, turn to the expert team at Aaron’s Electrical Service. By leaving your electrical service needs to our team, you benefit from exceptional workmanship and customer service backed by our guarantees. Be sure to check out our special offers for ways to get the service you need at a bargain!

Residential Electrical

Do you need electrical services for your home or a residential property you own? Keeping your wiring in top condition isn’t just a matter of convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. It’s a matter of safety and damage prevention, as amateur electrical work or systems in disrepair can lead to severe damage to your property or harm to your family.

So whether you’re looking for help with your home’s lighting, you need a new breaker panel, an inspection, or other electrical services, leave your home electrical needs to the professionals at Aaron’s Electrical Service.

Schedule residential electrical services with Aaron’s Electrical Service in Kingwood, TX, by calling 832-791-2935 or contacting us online today.

Commercial Electrical

If you own a commercial property, you can’t afford to have poorly managed and maintained electrical systems. Even minor electrical problems stemming from neglect or amateur work can lead to catastrophic results over time. That’s why it’s essential to work with a team like Aaron’s Electrical Service to get things running as intended, upgrade as necessary, and make rapid repairs when downtime could cost you big.

Turn to us for your commercial wiring needs, to upgrade and service outdoor and security lighting systems, or for any other electrical services you might require to keep your business or your tenants’ businesses running smoothly.

Contact us online or call 832-791-2935 today to learn more about commercial electrical services available from Aaron’s Electrical Service in the Kingwood area.

Reliable Generators

A good generator can save a home or business a lot of stress, frustration, and risk when the local grid fails. Whether you’re looking for smooth operation during minor hiccups or a reliable power source during a natural disaster, the experts at Aaron Electrical Service can help install, maintain, and repair a standby generator. Our services include:

If you need help with a generator in Kingwood today, contact us online or call 832-791-2935 to speak with a member of Aaron’s Electrical Service team.

Why Choose Aaron’s Electrical Service?

two electricians working on an electrical panelFinding a reliable team can be stressful when you need electrical service, even for a non-emergency like a lighting upgrade. Fortunately, you can trust our team to handle any problems, whether you need assistance for a residence or a commercial property. With same-day service, friendly and courteous technicians, and lifetime warranties on our services, there’s no one better to make your first call.

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Electrical FAQs

Can I DIY lights in my house?

It’s never advisable to treat electrical work as a DIY project, even for things that seem relatively straightforward at a glance; after all, it just takes a minor wiring problem to create an issue that could destroy property or put people in danger.

Does my business need a standby generator?

Any business can benefit from a standby generator, not just those where the loss of power could put people at risk or lead to damaged property. Electrical downtime can lead to a loss of profit even when it only interferes with the comfort of employees or customers — after all, uncomfortable people aren’t effective workers or happy shoppers.

How long will a standby generator last?

There are several factors that determine how long a standby generator can last, from a day to indefinitely: a natural gas standby generator connected to your natural gas line will stay running as long as the local gas remains flowing. You’ll want to find a system matching your budget and coverage expectations.