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Houston Dimmer Switch Installation & Repair

Dimmer switches aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. People in Houston are enjoying more pleasant lighting in the evenings by adding dimmer switches to overhead lights and sconce lights all throughout the home. With the right wiring and bulbs, most any fixture can be turned into dimmable lighting.

Aaron’s Electrical Service installs dimmer switches and light fixtures in Spring, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and the entire Houston area. Contact us online or call (832) 791-2935 today to get a free quote!

Should I Add Dimmer Switches?

Many people stare at bright screens all day, then find themselves still wide awake when they shut off the lights. Dimmer switches give you the freedom to choose your own lighting levels for any situation. There are actually many uses and benefits of dimmer switches in Houston homes:

  • Ambiance for dining and entertainment
  • Eye comfort during evenings in the living room
  • Transition to darkness before bedtime
  • Gentle light in the nursery
  • Dim lighting while watching movies
  • Wake up with soft lighting
  • And save a little energy, too!

Dimmer Switch Installation in Houston

Whether you’re replacing a standard light switch with a dimmer or adding a brand new light fixture, you need a licensed electrician to do the job correctly. Dimmer switch installation & repairs must be very precise so that you don’t end up with a humming noise when the dimmer is set low.

The installation process starts with turning off power to the circuit, then removing the existing switch or wiring a new switch location. We’ll take care of everything, including wiring a new circuit if necessary or running wiring to a new junction box and ceiling mount fixture.

You can choose from rotary knobs, vertical sliders, or the latest tap dimmers. Aaron’s Electrical Service can even advise you about what kinds of light bulbs will work with your dimmer lights—only certain CFLs are dimmable and compatible with older fixtures.

Houston Electricians for Dimmer Switches & Lighting

Adding dimmer switches is a great home improvement option. Aaron’s Electrical Service knows the ins-and-outs of lighting systems, and our highly trained electricians will perform an impeccable installation of your new dimmer switches.

People quickly discover that our Houston electricians are the ones to call for any wiring and lighting upgrades because we do great work the first time, every time. We offer lifetime warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dimmer Switches

Dimmers are a popular option for many homes in the Houston area, and our experts have received many questions about their installation and use. Below are the answers to our most common questions:

What does a dimmer do?

A dimmer reduces the amount of power sent to a light, allowing its brightness to be varied according to your needs. Older dimmers used resistive loads to reduce voltage, creating heat and wasting electricity. Today’s dimmers tend to cycle the light on and off rapidly, too fast to be seen, which reduces brightness while saving electricity.

Are dimmers dangerous?

No. As long as dimmers are used with dimmable lights, and the maximum rating of the dimmer switches is not exceeded, as measured in watts or amps, they are an incredibly safe and efficient way to control the lighting in your home.

Can I install a dimmer switch on any light?

Dimmers must be matched to dimmable lights of a compatible variety. Older dimmers are designed primarily for use with incandescent bulbs, and they may harm LED or CFL lights. LEDs and CFLs must be rated as dimmable by the manufacturer, and they must be matched with a compatible dimmer switch to work properly. Choosing the wrong dimmer switch may cause flickering, dim lights, abnormal operation, or a shortened blub life.

Can I install a dimmer switch myself?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right dimmer switch for an application, including types of lights, number of lights, wattage rating, and more. In many cases, it is best to let a professional handle the installation so you can be sure it’s done correctly. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we offer cost-effective dimmer switch installations throughout the Houston area.

Can you use a dimmer switch with LED lights?

Yes, as long as the LED lights are listed as dimmable by the manufacturer, a compatible dimmer switch is selected, and the maximum wattage of the dimmer is not exceeded. Dimmer switches are typically rated at 300 watts, 600 watts, or higher, which is more than enough for most LED applications.

Do you have more questions about dimmer switches or their installation? Call Aaron’s Electrical Service today at 832-791-2935 or contact us online. We are here to help with all your home electrical needs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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