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Electric Panel Installation in Humble, Texas

If you need to replace a damaged electrical panel or get a larger one with more breakers, a licensed and reliable electrician in Humble, Texas is essential for a job done safely and correctly. Aaron’s Electrical Service has you covered for all electrical upgrades in Humble, and we guarantee a high-quality job that will last for years.

Breaker panel installation takes several hours and involves intricate wiring correctly positioned. Our Humble electricians are experts in the field and will ensure you have safe power everywhere in your home or office.

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When to Purchase and Install a New Electric Panel

We provide electrical repair in Humble for isolated problems, such as a breaker that frequently trips. If the issues are more widespread or you are limited in adding more appliances to your home because of a breaker box that is full, a service panel upgrade may be the most appropriate choice for you.  

We offer electrical panel replacement in Humble for situations such as:

  • A visibly damaged electrical panel
  • A panel showing burnt marks or melted plastic
  • Signs of water damage or rust inside of the panel
  • A full breaker box you wish to add more circuits to
  • You only have 60-amp service available to you from the power company

Panel Installation in Humble

Replacing a breaker panel or adding electrical wiring to a home addition or remodel requires professional electricians to successfully complete the job. Our Humble, TX electricians can take care of panel installation or replacement. We can also add a subpanel for a finished attic, swimming pool equipment, or any other area that needs its own service.

A breaker panel can also be called a “distribution board” because it functions as the hub where utility power gets branched off into the circuit wires throughout your home. Installing an electrical panel requires shutting off power for a few hours in order to keep our electricians safe and your home free from damage. Our team of electricians will carefully remove the existing panel or run lines to the location of your new panel, before wiring everything into a neat and organized fashion.

Reliable Electricians for Panel Installation in Humble

Aaron’s Electrical Service employs the best and brightest electricians in Humble, TX. For your panel installation, we will get the job completed as quickly as possible with minimal interruption to your daily routine.

We are detail-oriented and ensure all projects are wired according to the National Electric Code. This includes checking the wire gauges and breaker sizes, installing AFCI breakers, and doing any additional work that is necessary, such as dedicated appliance wiring.

Request a Humble, TX Electrician for Panel Installation

If you’re dealing with tripping breakers or worried about a code violation, Aaron’s Electrical Service can help. We can power your Humble home or office with a new panel installation or replacement that is wired by a licensed electrician for a fair price.

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