Standby & Backup Generator Installation in The Woodlands, TX

Professional standby or backup generator installation can help bring the sunshine back after the next tropical storm or unexpected blackout. Having young children, elderly family members, or pets living in your home during a power outage can become problematic very quickly.

Aaron’s Electrical Service can make sure your home or office has the right type of generator, enough power, and proper connections for an automatic switch-over when you lose power. If you need standby or backup generator installations in The Woodlands, TX, trust the friendly staff and skilled technicians at Aaron’s Electrical Service.

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Benefits of Standby & Backup Generators in The Woodlands

We all rely on electricity for comfort, convenience, and safety. In the Houston area, where hurricanes rear their ugly head, we also have to contend with wind storms, damaged power lines, and the occasional winter storm. Standby or backup generators in The Woodlands are more of a necessity than a luxury.

Here at Aaron’s Electrical Service, we can install a wide variety of generators that best fit your needs. We offer:

  • Automatic transfer generator switches for near-instant power
  • Small generators for lights or emergency loads
  • Large generators for HVAC, entertainment, or whole-house power
  • Diesel, propane, and natural gas generators
  • Generators with energy-efficient fuel consumption rates
  • Interlock switches for portable generators

Standby or backup generators can prevent you from having to pay for hotels during an outage. Give us a call today at 832-791-2935 to learn more!

Home & Business Generator Installation in The Woodlands

When you choose Aaron’s Electrical Service to install your residential or commercial generator, we will add up the power draw of all appliances you want to run and find a model from top brands that fits your needs. Small businesses should also have a backup or standby generator so they can stay productive during short power outages and protect the property during major storms. The Internet often comes back sooner than utility power, so you can even stay connected and process credit and debit cards from customers.

No matter what kind of generator is best for you, Aaron’s Electrical Service has a skilled team of electricians in The Woodlands who can get it installed and maintained correctly.

Generator Installation & Replacement in The Woodlands

Generators should be installed by a licensed electrician in The Woodlands so that your generators are set up to code and maintained. Aaron’s Electrical Service helps with choosing a generator, deciding where to put it, hooking it up to your breaker panel, and performing annual maintenance and emergency repairs.

Our generator services in The Woodlands include:

  • Installing a standby generator
  • Connecting a portable generator with a transfer switch
  • Generator maintenance and testing
  • Filter cleaning or replacement
  • Oil changes and fuel changes
  • Generator troubleshooting

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Free Estimate for Standby & Backup Generator Installation in The Woodlands, TX

Aaron’s Electrical Service is happy to handle any job—big or small. Whether you need a generator maintenance visit or a full standby generator installed in The Woodlands, our electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service will provide top-quality service. We guarantee that we’ll show up on time for appointments and that you will be 100% satisfied with our work. Standby and backup generators are an essential piece in your storm preparation and safety, and we don’t take this job lightly. You’re in good hands with Aaron’s Electrical Service for all your standby or backup generator installation in the Houston area.

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