GFCI Outlets in Pasadena, TX

One of the simplest yet most important ways to safeguard your Pasadena home is by adding GFCI outlets. They’re required in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, and plenty of other areas. Aaron’s Electrical Service can help protect your family by replacing broken outlets or installing new GFCI receptacles. We recommend reviewing the rules for GFCI outlets in Pasadena, TX every few years to keep up with the code, and for remodeling, home additions, and the occasional home inspection.

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What Do GFCI Outlets Do?

The main purpose of a ground fault circuit interrupter is to prevent shock injury, which can quite painful or even lethal. The device checks for any electrical current leak that could electrocute someone using an appliance or standing nearby. Electrical code requires Pasadena homes to have GFCI protection in most areas near water or plumbing.

GFCI outlets have test and reset buttons. You can check to make sure they’re working, and reset power when the GFCI trips the power. Look for frayed wiring or a damaged appliance plug and correct the problem—or ask Aaron’s Electrical Service for repairs and GFCI replacement!

Pasadena Homes & Businesses Need GFCI Outlets

Since the 1970s, Pasadena homes have needed GFCI protection for swimming pool equipment and other outdoor outlets, all bathroom outlets, and in the garage. In the 1980s, the code expanded to include kitchen outlets, unfinished basements, boathouses, and hot tubs. More recently, homes now require GFCI outlets near wet bar sinks, in laundry rooms, and for dishwashers. Depending on when your home was built, you might need GFCI outlet installation in Pasadena in a number of areas!

Commercial buildings also need GFCI protection in bathrooms, outdoors, and rooftops. Ask our commercial electricians in Pasadena about GFCI installation and code violation removal. 

Licensed Electricians for GFCI Outlets in Pasadena, TX

To stay safe and avoid a code violation or failed home inspection, get your GFCI outlets installed by a licensed, insured electrician who is registered as an electrical contractor in Pasadena. Aaron’s Electrical Service employs the best electricians in Pasadena. We stay educated on the latest codes and safety practices, and we train our staff to provide high-quality service and keep a tidy work area.

We guarantee to offer a short appointment window and show up on time, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our work! When you need GFCI outlet replacement or installation in Pasadena, TX, trust Aaron’s Electrical Service for a courteous, professional experience and a job well done.

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