Home Rewiring Service

Electrical inspections will often uncover electrical issues that shouldn’t be ignored, as they could lead to serious safety concerns. Whole-home rewiring can protect your home and family by providing a more functional electrical system.

There are many reasons homeowners decide to rewire their homes. More times than not, however, whole-home rewiring results from simply having old or outdated wiring. Suppose you are renovating your home or want to move the locations of major appliances. In that case, rewiring may be necessary to ensure your devices have adequate power in their new position.

You may also find that you need an additional power supply to meet your current demand. Regardless of the reason, Aaron’s Electrical Service can help. We offer home rewiring service to ensure your home is working correctly and is up to current building codes.

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Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

While finding a wiring problem during an inspection is a clear indication that you have to do something different, there are other signs that you can spot that indicate wiring problems.

Some of these signs include:

  • Circuit breakers regularly trip
  • Electrical outlets are damaged
  • Lights flicker or dim when turned on
  • Electrical items give off a slight shock
  • Your home has aluminum wiring
  • Your home has knob and tube wiring
  • You notice damage from rodents, water, or wear and tear

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Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

If you discover any of these issues, Rewiring your home can have a significant positive impact. By making this upgrade, you will enjoy:

  • Improved safety in your home
  • The ability to add additional electronics to your home
  • Increasing the sales value of your home
  • The improved overall function of your home and its electrical components

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits, schedule a consultation with Aaron’s Electrical Service.

Why Choose Aaron’s Electrical Service for Home Rewiring in Houston, TX?

Aaron’s Electrical Service consists of dedicated electricians serving Houston and the surrounding communities. We are committed to doing it right the first time so that you can enjoy a safe and functional home. We also provide quality work at a fair price and guarantee on-time service for your appointment. A satisfaction guarantee backs all work. If you need home rewiring in Houston, you want Aaron’s Electrical Service on the job.

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