Surge Protection in The Woodlands, Texas

We’re all familiar with surge protectors on power strips that protect your television and entertainment devices from getting fried by lightning. These days, your home in The Woodlands has several appliances with circuit boards—such as the microwave, refrigerator, and smart thermostat. Invest in whole-home surge protection installed by an electrician in The Woodlands.

A whole-house surge protector connects to your electrical panel and absorbs power surges before they travel throughout your wiring. Our licensed electricians at Aaron’s Electrical Service service homes in The Woodlands by quickly installing surge protection for an affordable price. The lasting benefits will keep your home’s electrical system and devices inside of it safe during power surges.

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Why Homes in The Woodlands Need Surge Protection

Power surges come from the outside but can also originate from within the home. Whenever the grid has a problem or lightning strike nearby, a power surge can damage your electronics. Every time your air conditioner or another large appliance runs, smaller surges can also travel throughout the home’s wiring.

Once a power strip with surge protection has absorbed a few shocks, you’re left with a damaged power strip that cannot successfully protect from power surges any longer. The whole-home surge protectors installed by our electricians give your home in The Woodlands many years of protection. They keep each outlet safe and switch and are out of sight.

Surge Protector Installation in The Woodlands

Want to add surge protection before the next tropical storm affects The Woodlands? Have you invested in smart home appliances and don’t want a surge to ruin all of the expensive equipment? Ask Aaron’s Electrical Service in The Woodlands about getting the right size and type of whole-home surge protector installed.

Our professional electricians take care of the entire installation process. We’ll mount the surge protector near your service panel, wire it correctly according to the electrical code and the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure it’s working before we leave.

Local Electricians in The Woodlands

Invest in common-sense home improvement taken care of by our electricians in The Woodlands. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we promise:

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  • Guaranteed on-time appointments
  • All work performed by licensed, insured electricians
  • Courteous professionals who answer your questions and clean up after themselves
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on all our work

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For a competitive price and outstanding service, trust our electricians in The Woodlands for your surge protector installation. With Aaron’s Electrical Service, you can expect each job to be completed by professionally trained electricians and friendly customer service. We value our customers and are experienced in delivering outstanding whole-house surge protection.

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