3 Electrical Panel Issues & Troubleshooting Tips

two electricians working on an electrical panelYour electrical panel functions as the hub of your home’s electrical system. It’s responsible for carrying electricity to your home’s outlets and prevents overloads that can lead to hazards like house fires. When your panel isn’t working properly, it can mean that your home and your family are at risk.

The expert electricians from Aaron’s Electrical Service cover common electrical panel issues, what causes them, and what action is necessary to ensure that your electrical panel and system are safe.

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Frequent Tripping

The circuit breakers in your electrical panel trip when too much current is being drawn at one time. If your electrical panel has frequently tripped breakers, there may be several issues happening. Regardless of the cause, getting professional attention quickly is important, as a faulty breaker can lead to damage and even fires. The following are common causes of frequent tripping:

  • Overheated appliance
  • Overloaded circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Ground fault issues

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker or dim on their own often do so because they’re not receiving consistent and efficient electricity. This issue is often due to a failing circuit breaker or loose wiring. An electrician will check your electrical panel to determine if the circuit is overloaded. If not, the cause may be simpler, like a loose bulb or plug connection.

Hot Panel or Burning Smell

If your electrical panel is hot to the touch or smells like melting plastic or burnt toast, your panel is not operating safely. Burning odors and overheating are caused by overloaded circuits, loose or frayed wires, or faulty electrical components. When your panel shows these signs of overheating, they aren’t functioning properly and are no longer protected against electrical shocks or fire. If you sense a burning smell, turn off and unplug all electrical equipment and shut your breaker off before calling an emergency electrician.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Houston & DFW

If you’re experiencing these issues or more with your panel, call the experts at Aaron’s Electrical Service for electrical panel installation and upgrades in Houston or Dallas-Fort Worth. Our team will thoroughly inspect your breaker box to determine if the issue is due to insufficient power from the utility or damage to the wires and infrastructure.

While there are many reasons to upgrade your electrical panel, the most common is when dated panels no longer support the electrical needs of a modern home. With our main panel upgrade service, we’ll ensure that you have access to the energy you need without worrying about capacity or safety.

When you’re ready for an upgrade, call our team. With available same-day service, our friendly and courteous technicians can provide you with the professional and reliable electrical services you need. We stand by our work with lifetime warranties on all of our services. Plus, your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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