Standby & Backup Generators in Jersey Village, TX

Between storms, high winds, and transmission equipment failures, power outages can happen relatively often in the Jersey Village area. Even a few hours spent without air conditioning, heat, lights, or electric appliances can be inconvenient, and for those who rely on medical equipment like oxygen machines, nebulizers, or heart monitors, a power outage can be quite dangerous. Fortunately, there is a solution. Standby and backup generators can supply the power you need for critical circuits during a blackout, or even your entire home or business.

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Provide Reliable Backup Power with a Standby Generator

Portable generators are handy during a power outage, but for seamless, automatic backup power, you should consider a standby generator. Mounted in a convenient location outside your home or business, standby generators are fueled by a permanent fuel supply, such as a natural gas line, a propane tank, or a diesel tank. They can provide a few circuits with power, or the entire building, and they automatically start and transfer power within minutes of a power outage. A standby generator can provide several great benefits, including:

  • Automatic operation during a power loss
  • Simple fueling from a large tank or permanent supply
  • Easier to service and maintain than portable generators
  • Can power refrigerators, electric stoves, radios, and medical devices
  • Larger generators can operate an air conditioner or heating system
  • Improved safety over portable generators

Standby generators are available in a range of output capacities to power homes or businesses of nearly any size.

Residential & Commercial Standby Generators in Jersey Village

Whether the power is out for a few hours or a few days, a standby generator can provide the power you need to keep your home comfortable or your business running. At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we can help you calculate your power needs and choose a generator with the output wattage necessary to meet your demands. Our experts can provide a complete installation, from installing the generator and transfer switch to selecting and configuring the circuits that will be powered during an outage.

We install both residential and commercial standby generators in Jersey Village and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to request a quote for a standby or backup generator installation!

Transfer Switch & Interlock Installations for Portable Generators

Running extension cords from your portable generator to multiple appliances can be inconvenient during an outage, or even dangerous in wet weather while connecting directly to your service panel. For a safe, easy connection, have our team at Aaron’s Electrical Service install a transfer switch and interlock, which provides a single-cord connection with no possibility of back feeding power to the utility grid.

Jersey Village Generator Installations & Repairs

At Aaron’s Electrical Service, we install a wide variety of standby and backup generators for homes and businesses, and we also offer transfer switch and interlock installations to make portable generators safer and easier to use during a blackout. Our licensed electricians can recommend the best equipment for your needs and provide a full, professional installation. We serve customers throughout Jersey Village and the Houston Metro area, providing a full range of residential and commercial electrical services. When you need reliable backup power in the Jersey Village area, trust Aaron’s Electrical Service for standby generator installations, repairs, and maintenance.

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